Thursday, June 2, 2011

NOW I am appreciating the good!

So I have been having much better days since my Debbie-Downer day on Monday!

My two shifts at the doctor's office were a lot of fun! I did small things like faxing, filing, computer stuff, etc. But I really liked the environment, and it doesn't hurt when your mommy is there lol. I'm going to have to buy her some more chocolate because I kept sneaking chocolate out of her drawer when she wasn't looking.

What I had thought was me getting heck for not paying tuition was ACTUALLY the LU server being down!!! Apparently nobody could log on on Monday because the website was down! Gosh! But at least I am more motivated to get my tuition payed and that headache out of the way.

Austin and I were very fortunate to be given Nanny & Poppa's 1998 Dodge Ram on Monday. Austin and Tammy went to pick it up and when I saw it I was shocked! I didn't have very high expectations because that last vehicle that we got was described as a Ford Focus, and turned out to be a Ford Escort station wagon (*cough* Tammy). So I didn't set myself up for disappointment this time lol. I love the truck! It is super well kept and we really appreciate it!!!

I took my measurements yesterday for the heck of it; to see if any of these butt-busting sweat sessions are doing me any good. I lost and inch off my thighs and gained and inch on my biceps in 10 days!!! Awesome!

I also got my marks back today from an English essay I handed in last week. The essay is worth 10% ofmy final mark and I got... wait for it...98%!!! WOOHOO!!!! It's about time I started getting those good marks!!

Anywho, that is all the excitement for today. Have a great weekend everyone! HUGS

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