Monday, January 24, 2011

Some ppl have horseshoes wayyyyy up their bums!

Poor Freddie was introduced to black ice the other night. Luckily him, Ryan, Michelle, and Erin are all okay, even though the car was destroyed by a couple trees and a huge rock.

Mom and Alana have officially moved to the Island now. It is rly nice to have them closer now. Dad and Mom and I all went in on a Nintendo DSi for Alana when they were all on sale. I was finally able to give it to her this weekend and she was glued to it the whooole time! Gifts for alana are tricky because either its a hit or miss. There was also a poster sale at my school and I found her a Taylor Launtner (Jacob) poster for her new room. I think she may have loved that even more, I mean, a DSi doesn't have a 6-pack lol.

But my week is going well so far. Last one was a busy one because I had so many assignments due, but this one should be a little less hectic. Have a good week everyone!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back in the Swing of things.

So we are 90% done geting settled into this place. Here is our living room with the shelves we got at ikea:And here is our messily-organized bedroom. We got the closet organizer on sale at Canadian Tire today for just a bit over $100! woohoo! We still need to find a bed frame though :S

And here is Fred after he let me paint his nails pink hehehonhonhon.

And a few days ago I leaned why not to slice frozen bread with a sharp, shaaaarp bread knife:

It is healing well, but I can't feel between my fingernail and the cut. Doubt that will ever come back :( In case you were worried, I managed to make my garlic bread once I got a band-aid on the sucker lol.

Austin is back from the island this weekend. I think he will be here for a while now that he is finished helping with Fred's truck. School is off to a good yet hectic start this semester. I need to work out a study schedule before I fall behind. Hope everyone has a good week! Ttyl. HUGS!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Invitation #1

Here is my first shot at the invitations for Mandy's baby shower. What do ya think?
I'm gunna make a couple different ones to chose from, but I ran out of time today.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pink Stamper's Design Team Challenge

Hi guys. So with all my new toys I got for Christmas I decided to take on one of The Pink Stamper's challenges. She is basically running try-outs for her design team. There are 2 spots open and the designers she choses work with her to demonstrate some of the wonderful things you can do with the cricut. The entry is supposed to be a special project using pink, brown, and green. This is my entry:

It a card in the shape of a cute owl. With my gypsy I welded two 5"owls together from the Create A Critter cartridge. The light-pink cardstock is glitter paper by My Mind's Eye, and the pink, brown, and yellow cardstock is from the Brights cardstock paper bad by DCWV. The stamp is from one of the small $1.50 sets you get at Michael's. I also inked the brown wings and the beak with black ink so they pop out a bit more. And of course I had to add pink glitter to her eyelids, and a cute green flower in her hair ;) I hat a lot of fun making this card, and I worte a letter in it to send to my sister :D

I think I would be an awesome pink designer because I put a fun, young spin on my projects and each one of them is unique. Paper-crafting is the one thing I can do to get the stresses of school out of my head. I am so thankful for all my tools my family has helped me get. I'm proud of what I come up with and I can't wait to share it with friends n fam. I am very thankful for Robyn, the pink stamper, because she has taught me a lot on her blog and she has shown me my new favorite hobby.

Tomorrow my classes start back up again :/ So I'm glad I got this challenge done on my last stress-free night.

Here is the link to My Pink Stamper's blog where I submitted my card. Have a good night everyone.

Monday, January 3, 2011

HaHa, just kidding

So I thought I started school next Wednesday, but haha jk, I start this Wednesday :/ I havent even finished organizing my class schedule for this semester, and since it is the last minute and everyone has procrastinated to chose their courses the server for the LU website is uber slow. grrr.

I spent most of my day playing with me new crafting stuff. I got 6 scrapbook pages done while Aus. Jeff and Fred playes X Box on the new TV. Aus and I also went out and got 3 fishies for out tank mom gave us. He was being a Nazi on what kind of fish we would get. I wanted a clear one, but he said those are gross, so we had to get this shark thinger, and since it is aggressive, we couldnt get the clear ones cuz they would get eatted.

Other than that my day was pretty ordinary...

I am NOT looking forward to starting school a week earlier than anticipated!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Christmas

Now that my family tour is done down south Austin and I are back home in Northern Ontario. We spent an evening in Niagara falls for as my gift from Austin. Here are some pics:

you can click on them to view them larger

I also taped Alana opening her gifts from Dad

Last night we got back. We had plans to go out with friends for new years in Sudbury, but we were too pooched from the travelling so we stayed and rang in the new year with a bottle of Bambino lol. It was nice and quiet, not to mention hangover free! We are working on organizing our place, we got a lot of nice things over the holidays and we need to make room for them. I am going to post pictures of our place once its all finished. Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!