Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So I have some good news. Austin and I found a cute apartment to live in together in Sudbury :) He is moving in on Dec. 1 and I am moving in at the end of December when all of my exams are done. It is an adorable place in a small apartment building. The outside of the building is kinda off-putting, but inside our apartment is is all original refinished hardwood floor from the 1930's. The kitchen cupboards are all from the 1940's and the door frames are like the old ones in Dory's house. LOOOVE IT :D

Deer season was a fail! Mom and I didn't see a thing :( Then the day after we left Tyler got a buck out of our stand. WTF!! >:| Grr. I was probably too noisy with my snoring, coughing and shuffling. Mom should be a sniper in the military tho. She didn't move a flipping muscle!

She also got a partridge. Here is the vid. (Don't watch if you don't like dead animals, or loud bangs)

Andddd I just want to announce, I GOT 100% ON MY STATISTICS MIDTERM YEEEEHOOOO!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

..and exhale.

Wednesday already! The past 2 days have been fo busy for me they just FLEW by! I'm not complaining though! That means Aus comes home quicker, well, it feels quicker. Yesterday I finished my physics lab assignment, finished a stats assignment, finished my chem lab, studied for and wrote my anatomy quiz (and got a 7/10) all within the 13 hours I was at school WHOO! I'm glad all of that is behind me. Now I can coast on through until Aus comes home Saturday :D.

Yesterday one of my housemates threw a hissy fit via text because the morning before I had put all of their dirty dishes in the blue recycling box. He has thought it was the landlord, so he wrote her a nasty letter, and didnt send it, but when he found out it was me he was sooo upset! I had got up that morning at 7:00am and the kitchen was fuilthy and littered with their dishes. This cheezed me right off cuz I spent Sunday morning cleaning the house while their hungover a**es slept in until that afternoon! So I put all their dirty dishes, pots, pans, and grossness in the blue bin to set it aside because I wasnt about to wash their dishes for them! I wasn't implying that their dishes were garbage, the blue bin just happened to be empty, and a convenient container for the dishes (that actually FILLED this huge bin). So I wiped up all the oil over the stove, from them frying gosh knows what, put the onion flakeys in the garbage, and did a full ambush on the counter with my sidekick, Mr. Clean. Then I was able to make my breakfast, lunch , and dinner for that day. The LAST thing I need is a filthy kitchen to clean the morning of one of my 13-hour days. So yes, like I said, my housemate, Kiem, was very "disappointed in" me... well I told him that I am disappointed that I am the only one in this house that cares about leaving a kitchen clean for the next person to use it! The longer I live with these numbskulls the less tolerance I have for crap!

Other than THAT all is well. :)

I am excited to see my Momma, Alana, and Randy next week :D They are coming for deer season. I am going out Wednesday with mom to snipe me a Bambi. Well... hopefully. I will finally get to put all of this anatomy to use. hehehonhonhon.

Did I mention I have 2 midterms on the Monday after Austin gets back. Gosh! Timing is everything!

Hope you have had a good first half of your week. Love Y'all! HUGS

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wonderful song <.3

I think this song and vid by Katy Perry is so great! It is so encouraging, and I love the message in it.

A rather ordinary day.

Today has been pretty plane. I was supposed to have the girls over last night, but Lynn couldn't make it because she had a "stomach flu". Alyssa and I actually think it was an excuse to hide the fact that Jeff didn't want her to come out with us... sooo annoying!

So last night we went out and had a good time. We got it at about 1:00 am and make some KD and went to bed :D

Then Alyssa went home after lunch today and here I am trying to do homework. Bleh.

Her and Kiem are unofficially dating, but I'm proud of my matchmaker product :D

My gross housemates from Hamilton are actually evicted. They are leaving at the end of the month... one of them just told me yesterday after i got in a fight with him about my missing beer. YAYY!! they are leaving!!

I had a lot of fun with Michelle and Erin. While Erin was doing her training me and Mich went out and gawt out nailsss did. I just got a manicure with bright pink nail polish, and she got UV gel acrylics. Goooorrrgeous!

Tomorrow is Nico's birthday party and Aunt Mary & Uncle Kevin's. I am excited to see the fam.

That's all the excitement i have.... HUGS!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't drink beer when you live with guys.

So it's only 9:00 and I've had a pretty crappy morning so far.
First off I wake up and its FREEZING! The landlord got a new digital thermostat so he can set it to go down to like 15 degrees C over night. BRRRR!

Then I go to take a shower, and the guys that "fixed the boiler" yesterday messed up the hot water. So Brianna isn't taking a shower this morning....

THEN I go to clean the kitchen (which I didn't dirty) and I noticed a cap off of one of MY Bud Light Lime was on the counter!! :0 I looked in the fridge for it on MY shelf, where it was, and nope; its not there. But the empty bottle is in the pack of empties beside the fridge. I don't know who did it yet, because the guys sleep until like 11am, But I will. And when I do, THE PAIN TRAIN'S A COMIN!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anddd stress level is dropping :)

So I had a great reading week! I had an awesome visit with dad and Marie and her family. I had a blast doing the photoshoot dad got for me (pics r on my facebook). Halloween with the girls was fun, but Jeff, and I got into a huge argument (because he was being a jealous knob at the club). Here are out costumes:
The bee and ladybug:
The Poison Ivy :/ :
I ordered that poison ivy costume online, but when it arrived it was too small :( so I will fit into it next year!!!

My midterms all went well. I got 84% on stats, 74% on anthropology, and 86% on chem. I am not sure what my mark for anatomy is yet, but on today's lab quiz i got 90% (cuz im a genius like that...). It was on all the bones of the head, spine, and rib cage. We had to know the names of all the corners, nooks, and crannies of those suckers and it was nitty gritty, but I KILLED ITTTT :D

Tomorrow I am going out to a movie with Austin's cousins. We are going to see Life as We Know It. This is the trailer, it looks cute!

Love you all! Goodnight. HUGS.