Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 74

Dance was a flop last night! I had put a good 4 hours into choreography and no one showed up for the tween of hip hop class. There were 6 kids there for the Tinies class, but 10 minutes in 5 of them gave up and didnt wanna do it anymore. I dont know what else to do. I put posters up all around town reminding people about it but no one shows. Oh well.

Jesse from the health centre has asked me to start an aerobics dance class starting July 5. I accepted of course but what a challenge! I am going to have to memorise a while good 40 mins of sweaty choreography so I am scared :S


So I called the Residence office at Laurentien and they told me I have a sliiiiimmm chance of getting a room on campus, so I've gone to my wonderful best friend ever Lynnie and we are trying to arrange a way so I can bunk with her and Sarah and the ex-boyfriend to be. Three amazing friends in one appartment? What can go wrong? (hopefully nothing)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 73


I'm just about to go home and get ready for dance now. I have a cite jazz lesson planned for the little ones, then for the 10 year olds we are dancing to Somebody to Love remix by Justin Bieber (their fave artist) and Usher. Thennn for hip hop I'm teaching a dance I've had choreographed for 3 weeks now... the first lesson nobody showed up, then last week's was cancelled. I wish I had more time to work on the Justin Bieber song because my procrastinating self left it to last night then of course I got called in to work. So here I am multitasking while I babysit. I'm tired because Aus got a call at 1:30 last night and when I woke up I had a huuuge craving for salty popcorn. A whole bag and a week's worth of sodium later I went into bed and got up at 7am. Oh, Wendy's home. Gotta go now! Love Ya

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 71


Today was the second day ofour p90x exercise program and let me tell you: this is no joke! Yesterday was an hour of chest and back and some of the stuff was so hard I couldn't do a single rep, so I had to modify it girly style, but Austin did well. Today we did an hour of plyometrics, which is a lot of jumping, like hopping lunges and frog leaps. My abs are finally starting to come out of hiding after 2 months of running and not-so-self-disciplined exercising. I found a new path to run that goes along the water. It is so beautiful and peaceful. The only problem is there are a lot of pot holes and bumps in the road so you constantly have to be aware of the road or you could twist your ankle. Siren came for a walk with me. She usually gives up after 5 minutes but she followed me the whole 30 minutes.

So we just finished the plyometrics and of course, Austin got a call riiight afterwards. I was laughing at him because he was so sweaty I had to help him get his shirt off because it was stuck to him. There is this drink called shakeology that you drink to replace one meal a day and Austin was saying it is jam packed with great nutrients for you and doctors rave about it. We wanted to get it but the only thing is it's $120 for a one month supply. I thought it would be great for when we go to the island so we don't get stuck mowing on junk fast food on the trip there and back, and for me when I go to mom and dad's.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. It is a beautiful blue sky here but only 10 degrees.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 58


Today was like Christmas! I got 3 parcels in the mail! One was Austin's camping set:

The other was my new P90X workout program:

And the other package with my CUTTLEBUG embosser

Babysitting went well today. the kids were all good. Tammy is the name of the 5 year old I am now watching because her mom, Wendy's sister, couldn't find a daycare for her in Timmins. Today she tried working out with me and after 5 minutes of abs she looked at her tummy, and looked up at me sadly and said, "It's not working" I guess she is like everyone else on earth, wanting instant results lol. She has a bit of a tummy but it was so cute yet so sad seeing her so upset that all her 5 minutes of hard work didn't pay off.

Here are some funny pics of what Aus and I do in our spare time:


lazy sirenglued to my computer
... this is what Albany will do to you.

also, here is the parade video for Aboriginal Day. And thats Austin driving the ambulance.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 57


I've been soo busy lately! I worked all weekend and a full time worker quit on the weekend so I will probably get called in a lot this week. Ugh. I'm babysitting Wendy's niece for the next week as well as Talia. Her mom can't find a daycare for her in Timmins so I am watching her here.

Yesterday I had an interesting experience at the Northern store. I had gone go get groceries and I needed some mouthwash. It's kept behind the counter so people don't steal it, so I asked the cashier for the big bottle and she grabbed it and asks, "Are you going to drink it?" Yea! Then I'm going to chase it with hairspray! OMG NO! I am going to fight gingivitis and bad breath! God! And I would rather have a pina colada anyways! Good God!

I had also bought a new blender, since Austin broke ours when he was blending gravy. This one was $70 and on sale for $53 so I thought that was a score! But when I got to the cash and my total bill was $160 (I had also gotten some groveries and a beaters to prevent another broken blender) my gut was telling me something was off...but I ignored it. I was charged full price, of course. So I haveto find time to walk back and fix it. Ugh.

Yesterday was Aboriginal day and there was a parade here, a barbeque and there was a drumming group here. I missed out on the drumming group but I recorded the parade and I will post it later.

Today is my weigh in :s I weighed myself at the hospital and I was 154 so I don't know what's going on! I'm working out more than ever, and hour a day, and the scale won't budge! Hopefully it's because I'm gaining muscle mass but I still have a good mass of fat to lose! SoI'm going to get my measurements done and my body fat percentage taken. In Guelph I was 30% body fat and my goal is 20%. Wish me luck! Obviously I need it.

Have a good week everyone! HUGS

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 55

After being so bloated since Austin's birthday I have vowed to never eat cake or junk in general until Matt & Mandy's wedding! I struggle to lose weight because I have 7 days of a health kick, then I get confident and figure its okay to take a day off eating good, then I do the same for the next day, and the next, and the next, until I feel so guilty and down on myself that I am motivated to eat good and exercise for another 7 days, and rinse and repeat. So it's like 2 steps forward and one step back. Ughhh. I also think I get frustrated because the results aren't instant. And the only results I've seen in a month and a half are 3 lbs lost, then 1 lb gained. I am much better at eating well, but once I get a chocolate bar in the mail (ahem...mom) then I go nuts and fall completely off the healthy wagon for the following few days. That's my story and I'm stikin' to it.

Austin is making fish for dinner, and I ate a salad today for lunch, just like my dad does every flipping day. Oh speaking of that, Dad, I need some Kraft balsamic vinaigrette. Thx.

I had a wonderful conversation with mom on the phone last night. We talked for an hour and a half! It's not like we were discussing important stuff, just girl chatter. But it was so refreshing and relieving to gab about random stuff. My mom is so wonderful and I am so blessed to have such a strong, supportive, and remarkable person as my mommy. (ps sorry for the cheezy tangent)

Starting Monday I will be watching Talia along with her 5 year old cousin, so I will be making double! CHA CHING hehehehehehonhonhon.

Well... that's all for now! I'm working tomorrow night at the hospital so I may not post until Sunday. HUGS!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 54

Austin had a relatively quiet birthday. We just stayed home and ate steaks and black forest cake all to ourselves. He had to work by himself that evening so we ate at the base. Here are some pics.

Not very photogenic with the cake...

Here is a video of one of the girls from my Tweens dance class and I doing our dance we made up. It was a lot of fun!

Today I went in for my weigh-in and it has been postponed until Tuesday so I gave in to my urge to binge!! I had one and a half sandwiched, a bowl of rice crispies, 2 nutrigrain bars, stir fry, spaghetti, an orange, half a freezie and 2 handfulls of Ritz crackers. Needless to say I feel insanely bloated. Its a good thing yoga pants are forgiving.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday! Hopefully I get a couple of shifts at the hospital this weekend. I haven't been called in since the weekend, which is unusual...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 51

Well today was a little nuts, or maybe I'm just nuts.

I went into Wendy's freezer to put the freezies I had bought the kids in there and low and behold this scared the bejeeses out of me!

I'm used to seeing geese flying in V's or pooping everywhere... but this is the first time I've met one in a freezer!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 50


Typical Sunday: I stayed home today but I worked a lot on the choreography for tomorrow. I have the hip hoppers piece done and I have yet to do the tween's. I bought freezies at the Northern Store today for the kids tomorrow.

I also got some stuff for Austin's birthday. I got him a $14 steak for dinner. I didn't get one for me bacuse I don't appreciate steak enough to spend that much. I went to get cherry pie filling for the black forest cake and they didn't have any! Luckily i know Wendy has some so I'm gunna buy it off her tomorrow. I also got 1L of whipping cream for $10, a 3 pack of apple juice boxes for $3, a travel size bug OFF deep woods for $10, a tiny container of raspberries for $5, and a jug of Mr Clean for $10. CRAZYNESSS. Aus wanted orance creamsicle ice cream too but of course, they didn't have any. I was also going to buy 9" cake pans but the were $8 each so I'm going to just borrow some from Wendy.

I got called in to work last night so I couldn't have the girls over for a movie. Austin said they showed up 45 minutes early! The showed up again today at 3 and I told them they have to wait until 7! I just don't have the heart to tell them they can't spontaneously hang around the base and knock on my door. I'm kind of nervous that after they come over for pop and chips and a movie that they might theink they are welcome here all the time! :S help Dr. Phil!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!! We miss you! HUGS

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lazy Siren

Siren can be very lazy. Sometimes she lays down at her water dish like this and sips the water out with her shnozz resting in the cup.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 48


I had a kind of lazy\busy day. I started off rolling out of bed at 10:30 and watching The Ugly Truth. Then I was on the computer for a bit and I started getting ansie because I needed to go for a run, and run I did. I did 4 km of running/walking intervals and one lap of cool down. My calves are really starting to burn on my runs so I try to use my quads more but I feel like I look stupid. When I go down south for the wedding I am FINALLY going to get some new runners. I really like these Under Armour ones, but there is too much white and I am worried that the dirt roads are going to ruin their whiteness in little time. I'm also going to get a pedometer and heart rate watch so I really know how far I am going, because right now I am eyeballing it.

After I showered I went to the Youth Centre to post the dance schedule. I'm teaching Monday's after babysitting. I start off with the Tinies at 6, then the Tweens at 7, then the Hip Hoppers at 7:30 until 9:30. It's going to be tough but I the girls were so excited at registration. I'm glad I can give them something to look forward to each week. At the end of class I'm going to record their dance and make a DVD for them when we are all done for them to take home. Hopefully it's something they can hold on to and look back on. On my way back from the Youth centre some of the nine year old girls found me and asked if they could come over. I said not tonight, but I invited them for a movie tomorrow night at 7:00. I want them to feel comfortable with me and know that they are welcome at my place if there is trouble at home. All of the kids here seem desperate for attention. They all say hi and ask you what your name is if they meed you on the street.

Since the girls are coming over I went to Kenny's and got a bag of Smart Food, BBQ chips, and diet Pepsi for them for the movie. I was shocked when it came to $19. I don't think this date will be a weekly thing.

Austin and I went to the restaurant for dinner tonight. I got a club with poutine and yes dad, I ate my salad for lunch so I was allowed the extra carbs. I EVEN asked for no mayo. It was nice because there were some of the locals there that we have met while we've been here. Everyone we have met is so friendly and nice!

Tonight Dillon is coming over to work out with Austin, and I am going to do my workout DVD while they are doing their thing. I also have to start choreographing the dances for Monday. Hopefully I don't work any doubles this weekend because I need the time to choreograph. Hope everyone had a great Friday! Enjoy the weekend!! HUGS

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 47

Today was the first day I've gotten to sleep in for 2 weeks! and boy did I ever sleep in. I went to bed at 1 am and got up at 12 hahaha. Then I watched the entire Star Wars trilogy. When Austin got home from work we went to the airport to pick up our food order. Unfortunately he ordered 2 large boxes of pizza pockets and those are my weakness. So while he was on the phone with his mom I ate 3 :( he made pork chops on the little grill I got him [from Avon] and I ate a salad, feeling guilty. Then we ate the 2 pieces of pie he got from his meeting. Feeling incredibly guilty I tried to run but I had zero energy and didn't even make it to a full kilometer before I threw in the towel. Man do I ever feel like crap. I swear I am going to give away those pizza pockets. He managed to order those, but he forgot to order my frozen fruit for my breakfast smoothies. Ughhhhh.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 45


So last night my cold got worse. I have more of a croop (sp?) cough and my sinuses are as congested as the DVP right about now. Today is the dance registration!!! I am super nervous because I don't know how many people are going to come out. Hopefully it's a success and not a big flop. I'm thinking I'm going to have to do some fundraising because Amy hasn't mentioned anything about money... I'm still going to ask her tonight though.

So I will be doing registration until 5:30, then I am going to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Steve, our cop friend, because he is moving back to Sturgeon falls on Thursday. If I was in the real world I would buy him a 6 pack of doughnuts.. get it? cops..... doughnuts... HA! anyways, we are all getting together tonight for a goodbye party so I'm bringing my cookies to that and saving him a little bag for the trip.

Since I have a busy day ahead of me I probably won't make another post until tomorrow. I will let you know how the registration goes! Miss you all!!! HUGS

Monday, June 7, 2010

Some pics of Talia and Siren

Day 44

Hi everyone! So I made it through my insane weekend. I still have a bit of my cold but unfortunately I've spread it to everyone else. Talia, Wendy, Agatha, and a couple of people from work have the cold too!! I feel so bad!

Here is the muchly anticipated video of Austin opening his gifts from Dad and Marie

Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Exhausted Health Care Aide

The past 3 days I have finished work at midnight and returned at 8 am. That was tiring enough, but then I had to work a double yesterday (16 flipping hours!) and I was so excited to go to bed. Then at 4 am Austin is hustling me out of bed saying I had to go to Wendy's because there were 2 house fired and she needed a babysitter while she came and helped him and Nicole. So I walked there in my pj's and coat. Wendy hadn't even got the call yet and she didn't exactly need me because her mother was there!!! But granny figured "can you stay and watch the kids?" of course I wasn't going to say no, so I crawled in the double bed with Grissom and Talia. I didn't sleep at all, my mind was running a mile a minute and the kids had a hard time getting back to sleep. Then at 5 am Wendy came home. Here I am eating my peanut butter toast and milk and I am so stinkin tired. I am expecting to work another double today because the ladies that didn't show yesterday are scheduled to work today. Expect the worst, hope for the best! Miss you all!!! HUGS

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 41

Hi everyone.

I'm at Wendy's rite now, Talia is sleeping. Yesterday I had made arrangements with Jennifer, my co-worker, to switch shifts because I was scheduled to work days and she was going to work the evening. So she had agreed to switch shifts with me so I could babysit then come to work. But at 11 pm she called me last night and said she couldn't do it anymore, so I begged Hazel and thank God she agreed to take it. Then this afternoon June, one of the nurses, called me asking if I could work for another lady today so I have to work afterall. I am also working tomorrow morning from 8 am to 4 pm. I have some cute pics of Talia and the puppy I want to share.

This morning Agatha, Wendy's mom, answered a knock at the door then turned around with a Canada goose in her hand! I was so suprised! I guess someone had gone out hunting this morning and they dropped off their kill. So now the goose is out in the mud room waiting to be plucked... interesting.

I had better go now because I am waiting for Wendy to come home so I can go to work. Bye my wonderful family!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 39

Not much exciting happened today...

I went for a run after babysitting and I can tell I have gotten out of shape since I've gotten sick. I managed to push myself and run 2 km and walk 2. Then after dinner I did one of the workout DVDs that Marie sent me. So today was a very sweaty day. The weigh in is tomorrow for the weight loss competition and I know I haven't made much progress since last time. This stupid cold is bogging me down!

Tyler left today to go home for 5 months so we had a lunch for him at the base before he took off. I took one bite into my ham and I exploded into a coughing fit. I went into the bathroom so I wasn't disturbing anyone and after a few minutes of non stop uncontrolled coughing Austin came in to see if I was still alive. I managed to overcome the tickle in my throat and I happily continued eating my ham, beans, carrots, and scalloped potatoes.

I have a couple of videos I am anxious to share with you but the internet here is insanely slow so I can't upload them to youtube. It's supposed to be fixed on Friday but I'm not holding my breath.

Goodnight everyone! HUGS


We got a new puppy and her name is Siren. She is going to keep Austin company when I'm gone after the summer. I will have a video up of her later this week.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well so much for that idea....

So i just got back from the farmers market. As i was walking there in the rain I noticed the ambulance was in the parking lot. Hm... funny "I guess Wendy took the truck because her car is broken down." i assumed. So I get there and yep there's Wendy and Nicole so I go up and ask them if they took the truck [because Austin would have let me know he was going, and given me a ride]. But then there was Tyler standing closer to the front of the checkout line shouting "the paramedic is over HERE" Embarrassed and disappointed I made my way over only to smack Austin's arm and ask him why he didn't get me. "I thought you woulda already been here..." he was quick to conjure up. Yea I woulda already been there... if i didn't have to walk in the rain! Since there was nothing left by the time I had arrived I only ended up getting nothing I wanted to buy, an absolutely drenched outfit, and a nasty soaker in my shoe AND I walked myself back home.... the couch will be occupied tonight.

Day 38

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!

I went into work today to book the time off for Matt & Mandy's wedding. My boss asked me why I needed the time off and she asked me why I was so hard to get a hold of lately. I explained to her that we have a cordless phone and when the power goes out so does my the ability to call me (duh!). So she understood.

Talia was good today. She slept a lot. When she woke up from her afternoon she was all sweaty, poor girl. So I gave her a bath just in time for when her mom came home.

At 5:30 there is a farmer's marked at the school I do believe, so I am going to go buy things with MY money woohoo! Wendy's (the lady I babysit for) sister popped in today so visit Talia and she was telling me about the market and they actually had flown in the stuff, so I'm expecting it to be the usual ridiculous price for everything.

I'm not scheduled to be back at the hospital until Friday but I'm scheduled for the day shift, so I am looking for someone to cover for me. I asked Hazel if she wanted to switch her 3 night shifts for my 3 day shifts and she said "I dunno" in a "not so much" kind of way. So I asked Jennifer and she was quick to say "I dunno, I have to look at the new schedule!" (well the new schedule started on Sunday and you haven't looked at it yet!?!? No wonder so many people don't show up for their shifts. I guess ignorance is bliss).

I am still sick with this stupid cold! I'm coughing up lovely shades of green in the morning and I am getting headaches from the coughing. UGHHHH.

Miss you all times INFINITY!!! hugs!!