Thursday, July 29, 2010

This week's agenda

Hi everyone

My vacation is going great! Yesterday I went to visit dory for dinner and she seems do be doing well. Ayriell is taller and is growing up so fast! She got second in Island track this year! She must is obviously not related to me that much because I would get last in everything at track and field. Too many of mom's cookies.

Today Austin, Freddi and I are going to Sudbury with Gran. I have a doctor's appointment at 10:45, then once Fred is off work at 3 we are heading over. Gran said she was there a couple of weeks ago with Joyce but she didn't get to go to the mall, so her and I are going to hit that up.

Tomorrow we are going to Little Current in the evening for Haweater. We don't really know where we are staying at night. We may end up camping on Nick's lawn, but I don't know how great that's gunna be. If we don't find a place to stay before we get there I may just DD so people have a way to get home.

That is the game plan thus far. Siren is doing well after her surgery. No puppies for her!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Congrats Matt & Mandy

Here are some photos from the wedding. there will b more on facebook. My visit is going great so far. i spent all afternoon with gran and her and i and aus and fred went out to dinner at the bakery. Austin has some friends over right now. Tomorrow we are off to Elliot Lake to visit Nanny and Papa. Poor Siren got spayed today so she is feeling very sorry for herself. Having a wonderful, busy time trying to fit in lots of visits!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the Road Again

Hi everyone. I'm actually on the Greyhound right now headed for Sudbury. My bus was scheduled ot leave Yorkdale at 12:30 but since there was a major accident on the 400 it didn't arrive until 1. So the plan is that Aus will pick me up with Fred and Ryan once Freddie is done work. then we are visiting Jared I think and tomorrow we are getting them suits for the wedding. Last minute much? I was lucky to find a gorgeous dress at Forever 21 for only $27!!! It is white on the top, then a black belt, then a blood red skirt. It's fitted but not too much information lol.
Here are some pics of Dad, Marie and I at Fort York yesterday.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm baaaaaack

It is so nice to be welcomed by pavement, street lights, and fast food. Luckily and surprisingly I didn't get stuck beside some weird person on the bus. I got to sit alll by myself until we left Toronto and a young (not so cute) Asian guy say beside me. But I was alright with that because it was only 2 more hours until London.

Once I got to London my mom and Alana greeted me off the bus with a beautiful bouquet of daisies!! Sooo adorable! Then once we got home and got settled we went and did a little shopping, got photos done at Wal Mart of Alana and I, then we went and got our nails done.

Alana got a teddy bear on her toes
I got a classic french tip with sparkles :D
and mom got a pretty flower pattern
I took this pic on the plane. Arent the clouds so cool!?! I wanna just dive into them and hope they are squishy like cotton balls!
So after we went to the salon we came home and did some weird toe tricks...
And got a little messy with some choco-scented face masks (Thanks for those Tammy! Loved 'em!)

Then the next morning we slept in and mom sipped coffee from her new mug I found for her in Timmins. It says "" I thought it suited her lol.
After mom was done her coffee she made us home made waffles! My favorite on a Sunday morning! I pigged out and ate 3, which I have never done before! After that yumminess alana and I hit the sun and got in a little reading.
I've got Deception Point by Dan Brown and of course Alana is reading her Twilight magazine! Her fave.

Today I am meeting up with dad at the mall, then I am spending time with him and Marie! Woohoo. We are going to Vaughn Mills (to empty my savings) and Sporting Life (to empty my savings even more) then we have planned to go to Fort York because Dad has been DYING to go there for years!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying life as much as I am! Love you!! HUGS

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 90

One more day until I hop on the plane headed back to real life. I must say that I'm nervous about the stop in Timmins because our plane arrives at aroind 1:30, but my Greyhound bus to London doesn't leave until 8:00 pm. I might take a taxi to the mall there, or go to Chapters or something... Once the bus leaves at 8, it doesn't arrive in London until 10:40 the next morning, and I think I have to transfer busses too. Oh goodness. I need a private jet!

I'm going to miss Austin too. I am used to travelling with him but this time I'm flyin' solo. I'm super excited to see my family tho.

Tuesday I was supposet ot teach the first womens' dance class. So I had prepared for 2 hours that day, working out the lesson plan and choreography, only to show up and Jesse had forgotten and not got the keys to the gym. I'm getting the feeling that people here don't like dancing!

Hope everyone has a good weekendand I will let you all know when I arrive at Mom's on Saturday. I'm sure I will have an interesting story about the person I end up sitting with on the bus. I always do.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 87

Hi everyone!
I had a near death experience today. I went to make toast at Wendy's and found 2 forks and a knife jammed in it. Wendy said Talia must have put them there when she was up on the counter yesterday. Safe.

I must admit I have absolutely have the best boyfriend! I cam home to this wonderful boquet he had picked when he went fishing this morning.

And we also have the laziest dog ever.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 85

I'm still alive! Camping was so much fun! There were about 24 women there and there were games and we told our most embarrassing stories around the camp fire. There was also an inspiring workshop on making vision boards: bristol boards with pictures of thing you strive to eventually have in your life, eg. a car, money, health. I haven't made mine yet but Jesse and I are going to get together with a few other girls tomorrow night to work on them a bit more.

We had a relay race and the people at the start of the line (me included) had to run down to the lake, put a couple of litres of water into the buckets and run back. I won that part, because I was the only one able to run back without dying, but we ended up losing :( All that sweat for nothing.
Storytelling in the tipi. Those things that look like snow are water drops from the rain outside.
Down to the lake
Beautiful sunset behind the canvas tents
Adorable heart-shaped cloud that passed by this morning.

I got to use the camping set that I got Austin for his birthday. It works great and I slept on the air mattress Tammy got us. Comfy comfy. There were also piggy-back races that my partner and I won at and I got a journal :) It was a very fun day and hopefully I will get to do it again before I leave Albany.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 84


Yesterday was the final weigh in and I lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks! As well as an inch off my waist and an inch off my hips! Yusss thank you P90X!!

Jesse invited me to a women's night camping trip at the youth camp site. I'm kind of nervous because I will most likely be the only white girl there :S I might see if Hazel wants to come too so I don't feel so awkward. I'm also definitely bringing some smores ingredients. Le Yum.

Here is the video from the Canada Day parade

Albany can get very creative when there are prized involved for the best decorated vehicle.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 82

I must admit I have the best boyfriend ever. He never gets mad at me no matter how bad I fudge something up, or how much I whine about something! After babysitting today he got a call around 4:45, so I went for a nice walk around town, mailed a card for Gran, cashed in some crossoword scratch cards (only $15). When I got back I tried making our steak stir fry for dinner so it was ready when Austin got home from his call. I didn't make it very well and I couldn't find half the ingredients, thats why Austin always cooks. When he returned he was glad to see I had made an attempt and he fixed everything and made yummy squash soup. What an angel!

We had started our workout tonight and I had my water and papers ready to record everything. So we started stretching and doing out arm stretching where basically you flail your arms around and hug yourself. SMACK! there goes my 18 oz glass of water allll over our papers. I stood there with a depressed pouty face while Austin rolled his eyes at my clumsiness and hurried to clean it up. Need I say again: What an angel!

tomorrow is our final weigh in. I must admit I am disappointed that I haven't lost weight, but my body fat percentage has dropped a lot. I've missed out on my runs for the past couple of weeks because our workouts are so intense. Eventually I wanna do both each day.

Hope everyone had a good hump day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 81

Today is boring. I babysat, ad now I'm sitting in the same place I sit every day at 4:22 pm: the couch. I've decided to cut out dairy from my diet because I've concluded that I am lactose-intolerant. I eventually wanna try being vegan (with the occasional steak) when I live in Sudbury. I mean why not? I'm young and you gotta try everything. Life's too short to eat meat, milk and eggs (HA!). In Sudbury I also want to do yoga classes, kick-boxing classes, and stretch classes at Katherine's dance studio. Last year in Guelph was the worst so I am doing everything different this time around: no lonely apartment, no boyfriend (sad face), no laziness, and probably no privacy since I'm sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 girls and a being that is 2% man and 98% whipped (and possibly a baby beagle if Lynn has anything to do with it). Things are going to be interesting!

As far as I know August 1st is the day we are going to start moving stuff in from my storage space. It's a good thing its August first because that will make me save my liver on Haweater. There's nothing worse than heavy lifting and long car rides when you are hungover/half-in-the-bag still (not that I know from experience, seriously)

Ohhhh I can't wait to get out of this armpit of the north! Ten more days! Yippeee!

Monday, July 5, 2010

day 80


I'm sorry to say that I have cancelled dance classes here. I am tired of waisting my time for kids that don't want to participate or even show up. I'm also tired of being taken advantage of and used as a babysitter. Thus I have stopped the dance classes. Also, I always had a hard time finding the keys for the place because there are 5 or 6 people and 2 sets of keys...

The weekend wasn't very nice here. It was rainy and foggy and cold, and I worked at 8 am both Saturday and Sunday.

I've been very tired this past week. I've been getting about 6 to 7 hrs of sleep a night but I can't seem to feel rested enough. I'm always wanting to take a nap, but if I do I feel even worse afterwards! I'm eating well so I wonder if it's the new exercise program we are doing. It's an hour a day of weigh lifting or cardio, but I was already exercising before. Maybe I need a day to sleep in. Those are pretty rare since I babysit during the week, then usually work days on weekends.

Another thing I don't understand about the people here is they don't dress for the weather. By that I mean it is 32 degrees here with no clouds, and everyone has jeans and hoodies on! I was out tanning in my bikini and I almost died! How do they do it!?!?!?

I finally got a bit of a break today. Talia is sick so when Wendy went to work she was miserable all day. So I called Wendy and asked her to come put Talia down for a nap because she would cry even more if I picked her up, and Wendy took the rest of the day off. So with this wonderful sunny afternoon all to myself I slathered on the tanning lotion and soaked up some ultra violet radiation for 30 mins each side. One shower later I was on the couch in my bra and underwear (cuz its 32 degrees!!) watching Tosh.0 on my laptop. Tired ol' me fell alseep and was woken up to Austin BANGING on the door. I ran to throw some clothes on (because if austin has keys it must be someone unworthy of seeing me in my bra and underwear). I opened the door half asleep (therefore grouchy) and Austin came in frustrated and impatient. I went and got horizontal on the comfy couch when the first thing that came out of Austin's mouth made me wanna kick him in the teeth, "Why didn't you clean the kitchen?" Oh My GOD! I almost lost it. For once I got to have an afternoon to myself. For once I got to de stress. For once you aren't here to hog the remote and I'm supposed to clean the kitchen after YOU make a mess of it? "SORRY! I was enjoying the peace and quiet after taking of a crying, screaming, contagious baby for 5 hours!" Sooo a grouchy Austin grumbled around and cleaned the unmessy bedroom, cleaned the unmessy bathroom (which I completely cleaned 2 days ago!) as I corrected my awful mistake of not cleaning the kitchen. Since you could cut the tension with a knife, I took the opportunity to walk to Kenny's and mail a letter. While I was there I thought I would buy him a cherry blossom, and one for me too of course, a pack of excel mist gum (his fave) and 2 bingo scratch tickets (because he gets me crossword tickets for a suprise). I returned bearing (sp?) gifts and I apologised and asked him to stop being mad and all he just claimed he wasn't mad and that I was crazy, and he gave me heck for buying him junk food. I give up!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 77


Yesterday was the Canada day parade and fireworks. Both were really impressive for a rez! i got the parade on video but our fast internet is down again so it can't upload. This weekend I'm working morning shifts both days. tonight we were invited to dinner at Jesse's. I think she wants to elaborate more on the adult dance classes she wants me to do. I'm nervous about them but its good to take on challenges.

I was in the northern store buying icing sugar for the cup cakes I'm making to bring for dessert, and at the checkout the usually ask for people's band numbers. The girl at the checkout was new and she asked me for mine. I simply said, "Um.. I'm white" and she giggled a bit. I'm gunna take that as a compliment on my tanning skills lol.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!