Monday, May 30, 2011

you have to have the bad to appreciate the good.

Today has been a pretty bad day, and and I feel at the point where I would appreciate ANYTHING good.

Randy's dog Angus hasn't been well the past few days, and today they put him down. poor Angus had a tumor in his neck that was putting pressure on his wind pipe, as well as the nerve that controlled his front legs.

I babysat two 19 month old twins today. there was actually nothing bad about that. They are busy little guys, but the didn't give me a hard time.

I weighed myself this morning and after doing my Insanity workouts religiously for the past 3 weeks I have GAINED 2 lbs. fml.

I got home to do a workout for the first time in 3 days and my computer is having a hard time reading the thumb drive I have them saved on. You are supposed to buy the workout DVDs but since I am MC Hammer - broke I had to pirate them off the internet. So I can't do a workout today.

Then I get upstairs to hand in my online assignment that is due tonight and I got a slap in the face from LU. Since I havent paid my tuition for the summer, because I am MC Hammer - Broke, they booted me off their server, so I can't sign into my account to hand in my assignment.

I am just beside myself right now, but I know things will feel better in the morning.

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