Monday, May 30, 2011

you have to have the bad to appreciate the good.

Today has been a pretty bad day, and and I feel at the point where I would appreciate ANYTHING good.

Randy's dog Angus hasn't been well the past few days, and today they put him down. poor Angus had a tumor in his neck that was putting pressure on his wind pipe, as well as the nerve that controlled his front legs.

I babysat two 19 month old twins today. there was actually nothing bad about that. They are busy little guys, but the didn't give me a hard time.

I weighed myself this morning and after doing my Insanity workouts religiously for the past 3 weeks I have GAINED 2 lbs. fml.

I got home to do a workout for the first time in 3 days and my computer is having a hard time reading the thumb drive I have them saved on. You are supposed to buy the workout DVDs but since I am MC Hammer - broke I had to pirate them off the internet. So I can't do a workout today.

Then I get upstairs to hand in my online assignment that is due tonight and I got a slap in the face from LU. Since I havent paid my tuition for the summer, because I am MC Hammer - Broke, they booted me off their server, so I can't sign into my account to hand in my assignment.

I am just beside myself right now, but I know things will feel better in the morning.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Good Ol' coffee shop

Today is my 4th morning that I got up at 6 am. For some of you that may be normal, but for this 19 yea old that is too early! Every weekday morning the same people come in and get the same thing. One guy from town is in Every morning at 7 am and sits and talks with the other men from town until 9:30 to 10. He has at least 5 coffee every morning. Thats $10 a day! Gosh, that must add up!

My schedule is pretty full for June. I am working at the coffee shop, the doctor's office, and babysitting occasionally for Maria McLaughlan and Nelie Little.

Maria and I have been walking every evening this week. The Gore Bay Summerfest this year is having a 5k and 10k run and WE are going to DO IT!!! It is in 2 months and we are going to start jogging to get ready for it!! We are hoping that anyone seroiusly good at running will just go in the 10k run, so we can do well in the 5k. All I want is a participant ribbon because that is all I've ever gotten lol. All through school I sucked at sports, so I'm not getting my hopes up for this one!

Have a great weekend everyone! HUGS

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Its SUMMER TIME!! Well, it isn't according to the weather, but I survived all my exams, and made it back to the Island. I'm working part-time back at the coffee shop. It's not too bad, Leanne hasn't changed a bit. She still forgets to order stuff, and she takes the lazy way out when she can get away with it. But I can't complain. She is really nice and considerate and she always means well.

I also was fortunate to get hired at the doctor's office part time starting next month!! It will be every Tuesday and Wednesday to just do random stuff around the office. It doesn't sound like much, but hopefully it will give me some skills to get hired on in an optometry office in Sudbury. That't probably just wishful thinking though.

I am currently doing 3 summer distance ed. courses: English, Human Sexuality, and Child Rearing Across Cultures. English is english.... here is a story, now write me an essay on the meaning.. blah! Human Sexuality isn't as... perverted... as it sounds, and it was the only summer bio course I could take, so give me a break! It teaches you a lot about hormones, anatomy, developmental bio. But it also has some akward stuff like arousal techniques. Stuff like that kinda prevents you from reading the textbook in public. Child Rearing across cultures is an anthropoligical course about how children are brought up in different cultures. It it super interesting! I learned that mothers in tribal cultures (like in Africa) carry their child EVERYWHERE. This allows the child to develop better cognitively than western babies since they see a lot more in a shorter period of time. They are also breast fed longer which allows for better nutrition as well as sentimental attachment to the mother. It's got a lot of interesting stuff about raising kids!

Tomorrow is Alyssa's 20th birthday. Twenty sounds SO OLD to me :S! It's scary!!! No more J-14 magazine, or pop and chip parties, or dress up. Now, on to rent, bills, ... LIFE!!!

That's all I have for now... I will leave you with a cute video of Molly driving on Shawn's lap. No poodles were harmed in the making of this video.