Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Almost done!

Hi everyone!

So I have a bit of depressing news. Although I have done so well on my Anatomy lab quizzes, I failed my second test with a 47%, worth 10% of my mark. I also got 66% on my lab exam,which is also worth 10%. I am considering dropping the course, but my gut is telling me stick with it for the rest of the year and see what happens.

I have done half of my finals already. My statistics exam was a breeze, and I thought my physics one was too, but when I got home and checked my notes I realized I had got the 20-mark wuestion wrong :( I'm assuming I got about a 75% on it, which isn't bad.

Nothing exciting has happened here thus far... which is surprising. Poor daddy has a cold:( Everyone wish him to get better!

Today I had an appointment at the bank to get a chequing account. I ordered cheque books too so I can pay my rent with them. I fool so old though! No offence, but writing cheques seems too, er, mature for someone my age.

The apartment is coming together more and more each day. Austin does a very good job of keeping it tidy. He is quite the housewife. He lets me study and he cooks AND washes the dishes afterwards. Everything is going great in our new home.

OH! now that I'm more into my post, I have an interesting story! We were at the grocery store today and as usual the Salvation Army guy was there with his bell. I had already given a few dollars to the one at the mall, so I casually strolled on by. When we left the grocery store on our way out Aus found $60 on the floor by the Salvation Army guy's spot. Problem was, he wasn't there anymore! We were gunna give it to him, but since he wasn't there we pocketed it for now. On the way home we were discussing our options. 1) give to Salvation army; 2)new shoes for Bri 3) christmas gifts; or 4) give to Sick Kids' Hospital charity (at the LCBO). Since Alana has been to sick kids a few times I have decided we are giving all $60 to Sick Kids'. So when we go to the LCBO next, which golly... won't be for a very long time, cuz we are hardly ever in there... we will donate it to the charity collection there.

Monday I am done exams then THE HOLIDAYS!!! Tty then!

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