Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wrapping up this semester


Tomorrow is my last day of classes, then it is exam season. My last one is on the 20th, I think, but I'm glad they are spaced out well.

We had Gran over this weekend and we took her out to do her Christmas shopping. She seemed to enjoy herself and I'm glad she was able to get the rest of her holiday shopping done.

The night before last we cam home from the island and brought with us a Christmas tree, which Aus and Freddie cut down themselves.

We managed to get the tree up by 11:30 at night. Then I got up to turn my alarm in the living room off, and when I crawled back in bed the tree crashed down! Austin blamed it all on me. He said I must have touched the tree to make it fall because it didn't fall until I got up. Well I DIDN'T! I told him as we were putting it up to tie it to the wall but nnnooooooo! Boys, pfft!

I will try to keep you updated with how my exams go over the next few weeks.


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