Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm too trusting!

Austin has gone to visit his family for the next couple of days so I thought it would be nice to have a treat here for him when he got home. I walked with Siren to the bakery nearby. Normally I would make one, but I don't have time to go buy the ingredients and make it. Not to mention my beaters are still at the old place. Anywho, I went in and asked what they had for carrot cakes. They had slices, smaller cakes, and average sized cakes. I asked if any of them had cream cream cheese icing, because that is his absolute favorite part! In fact he isn't too fussy on cakes, but carrot cake is the only one he likes for the cream cheese icing. So she said the only one with cream cheese icing is the biggest, and most expensive, option. The other's had just butter cream. So I caved and bought the $20 cake, only to take it home, taste a tiny piece of icing, and discover that it too was butter cream. Now I have to go and get the ingredients for cream cheese icing, which COMPLETELY defeats the purpose of me buying the cake!

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