Monday, January 3, 2011

HaHa, just kidding

So I thought I started school next Wednesday, but haha jk, I start this Wednesday :/ I havent even finished organizing my class schedule for this semester, and since it is the last minute and everyone has procrastinated to chose their courses the server for the LU website is uber slow. grrr.

I spent most of my day playing with me new crafting stuff. I got 6 scrapbook pages done while Aus. Jeff and Fred playes X Box on the new TV. Aus and I also went out and got 3 fishies for out tank mom gave us. He was being a Nazi on what kind of fish we would get. I wanted a clear one, but he said those are gross, so we had to get this shark thinger, and since it is aggressive, we couldnt get the clear ones cuz they would get eatted.

Other than that my day was pretty ordinary...

I am NOT looking forward to starting school a week earlier than anticipated!

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