Monday, January 24, 2011

Some ppl have horseshoes wayyyyy up their bums!

Poor Freddie was introduced to black ice the other night. Luckily him, Ryan, Michelle, and Erin are all okay, even though the car was destroyed by a couple trees and a huge rock.

Mom and Alana have officially moved to the Island now. It is rly nice to have them closer now. Dad and Mom and I all went in on a Nintendo DSi for Alana when they were all on sale. I was finally able to give it to her this weekend and she was glued to it the whooole time! Gifts for alana are tricky because either its a hit or miss. There was also a poster sale at my school and I found her a Taylor Launtner (Jacob) poster for her new room. I think she may have loved that even more, I mean, a DSi doesn't have a 6-pack lol.

But my week is going well so far. Last one was a busy one because I had so many assignments due, but this one should be a little less hectic. Have a good week everyone!


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  1. Often wondered why Fred fidgeted so much. now knowing that he had a full set of hoseshoes shoved well past his scphinkter muscle explains it all. So glad to hear that him and the others were able to walk away from the accident.
    Finally spoke to your mom and Alana today, they have a landline now. Thank goodness since she has no cell reception at her house since the cliff blocks it. Alana just loves her DSi, good call Bri, and she has it all the time. She seems to be adopting to her new school and I was tickled pink to here that her public school crush (stewart) was in her class. Looking forward to spending a few days with you during reading week in a month or so.
    Love, dad.