Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So I know I have abandoned my blog, and I'm sorry. School is SO INSANE!!! My Statistics course takes up a lot of my time because each week we have an assignment that is worth 3%, and they take about 12 hrs. to do. Plus I have weekly physics assignments, and weekly chem lab write ups so I'm pretty much sick of school! I am officially done on the 27th of April. That is my last exam. Then I think I am going to take summer courses to catch up on my courses that did not transfer over from Guelph.
Nothing new really...
OH! the Guys and I went to see Battle LA in theatres on Tuesday and it was SOOO GOOD! There was guns and aliens and violence and blood! So ya know its gotta be good... Definately think the US marines put a lot of $$$ into it because there was a lot of talk that the marines were SO amazing and they never leave a man behind, and blah blah blah... but even still it is a good movie.

I'm not celebrating St Patty's today, well not as much as the guys. I kicked them out to go to Nicks so I can have the night to do homework and study for my 3 midterms next week. Well, I also got one of the tiny bottles of Bailey's to put in my coffee tonight. That's my celebration : Homework and coffee with Bailey's.

Anywho I had better go. I will try my hardest to make another post this weekend. Hopefully the guys will go to the island and I will have the place to myself :D HUGS!!!

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