Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today could go one of two ways:

a) blind as a bat
b) perfect vision

Yah, aus is getting his laser eye surjery. Most likely he will recover and his eyes will have perfect vision, orrrr he could be the <0.001% and end up blind. Either way we are out like 4k... urg. But I guess you have to invest to get anything out of anything. He wants to be a cop or work for Search and Rescue in the military, or fly helicopters n all that jazz. All of the above sources of employment require perfect uncorrected vision; which he certainly does not have.

His surgery isthis afternoon at 4. I haven't really researched how this surgery works. I have only seen Minority Report where Tom Cruise gets his eyeballs replaced to avoid being scanned in the retina scanners and caught by the cops and thrown in prison for a murder he didn't commit yet. (ya gotta see the movie! rlyyyy good!) So when I think of any eye surgery this is the scene that comes to mind:

I will check back and let you know how it all went.

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