Friday, March 18, 2011

Yout don't know what you got...

I just got out of my organic chem lab. I had casually asked my lab partner why she was gone last week and she told me, "well my brother is in critical care in Toronto". I said I was sorry to hear that, and I didn't want to interrogate her about what happened. She later mentioned that he was in a car accident. I know she is from Sudbury, so for her brother to be taken to Torono must mean he is in pretty bad shape. I just wanted to use this to remind us all that every day we are so blessed with the wonderful things we have: health and family. I myself get caught up in the busy day-to-day grind, and I need to work on appreciating the important things, and not getting worked up about the small things that don't really matter. My lab partner struck a chord in me, and I am so grateful for how lucky I am that all my loved ones are healthy :D

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  1. Hi honey, we are all so glad that good health is what we all have right now and want to keep it that way. to bad you had the cool weather up there. Down here in the warm and sunny south people were out in shorts and T shirts today, Friday March 18, since it was sunny and about 17-18 degrees. Good luck with your school and good for you to know when to kick Austin out to study. He must think you are the perfect girlfriend, pretty and instead of giving him a hard to time on "going out with the boys", you send him out with the boys. At least he better think you are the perfect girlfriend. Keep your nose in the books honey, it will pay off and we all support you with all our hearts!!