Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Good Ol' coffee shop

Today is my 4th morning that I got up at 6 am. For some of you that may be normal, but for this 19 yea old that is too early! Every weekday morning the same people come in and get the same thing. One guy from town is in Every morning at 7 am and sits and talks with the other men from town until 9:30 to 10. He has at least 5 coffee every morning. Thats $10 a day! Gosh, that must add up!

My schedule is pretty full for June. I am working at the coffee shop, the doctor's office, and babysitting occasionally for Maria McLaughlan and Nelie Little.

Maria and I have been walking every evening this week. The Gore Bay Summerfest this year is having a 5k and 10k run and WE are going to DO IT!!! It is in 2 months and we are going to start jogging to get ready for it!! We are hoping that anyone seroiusly good at running will just go in the 10k run, so we can do well in the 5k. All I want is a participant ribbon because that is all I've ever gotten lol. All through school I sucked at sports, so I'm not getting my hopes up for this one!

Have a great weekend everyone! HUGS

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