Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Look out med school! She's on a roll!!!

Hi everyone!
I'm sorry my posts are few and far between now that school has started. I have been putting a huge effort into staying on top of things, so that leaves me little free time. But my hard work is paying off! I had prepped for around 3 hours for the anatomy and physiology lab I did tonight, and so I got 10/10 on the exit quiz, and I was done the lab 1.5 hrs early! So far I have got perfect on my quizzes for that lab. This year feels so much better than Guelph! I am a lot more happy and confident in my work. I am so glad I switched!

Last weekend I had 16 hrs of first responder training. It was pretty boring, but it was a good refresher for everythin I already knew, and I got to become more farmiliar with the team members. This Saturday I am there from 9am to 9pm and we are learning about our protocals, paperwork, and stuff like that. I'm not looking forward to the long day, but I am proud to be on the team. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a heart attack and wake up to this pounding on your chest?!?

Today I trimmed my own hair. Don't pannic mom; all I did was take a couple inches off the top layers. I didn't touch the length. I think it looks good, but when I showed my french housemate the dust pan full of hair he looked at my like I was NUTS! He asked my why I would do that, and he said that most girls like long hair! I don't know if this was his way of saying I should have left it, or I misinterpereted what he meant... ya never know with the frenchmen.

So Thursday is the day Shawn will be relieved of a kidney. I have confidence in this surgery because he has a million people that love him and love can do amazing things. And besides, this is precisely why we have evolved to have 2 kidneys (and 2 lungs). They are insanely important, but one will do just fine!

Well I;m in the library, and I had better leave to catch the bus. Ttyl and LOTS OF LOVE TO SHAWN AND AUSTIN'S FAM!!!

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