Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi Everyone!
So I enjoyed blogging a lot while I was in Albany, why stop!?
This is my room here in Sudbury. I share a house with 4 other guys. Yea, it sucks that they aren't girls. Ugh. BUT I got the biggest room EVER so its okay. Two of them are buddies from Hamilton, who both speak seirous french, and the other 2 are brothers. I think they are Jamaican or something like that because dey have a seirous island accent mon. So far they are all pretty cool.

My walls are all pretty bare still. Not quite sure what to do with them...

Today I went to school to get my student ID card and OMG what a day!!! I got to the library as soon as it opened to avoid the line, but on their computer I came up as a part time student. So I walked to the other side of campus to the registrar's office, who sent me down the hall to student documents ( I think thats what its called...) who said no, the computer says I'm full time. Back to the Library,"No, it still tells me you are part time" BACK to registrar who informed me that I need to register for my winter courses, not just my fall ones. Well THANKS! It woulda' been a LOT more helpful, and less hard on my blistered feet, if you would have told me that when I transfered from Guelph, who does their registration completely different (obviously!). So I sat at the computers in the registrar's office to do my winter courses, and 45 mins later it was 11:00! Normally my patience would have let me sit and wait there all day, but the people doing the student cards went for lunch at 12. I back to the library and registered for my courses, but of course I finished right at 12. For the next hour I started my OSAP application and farted around on the beloved facebook. BAM! Lunch is over at 1, Brianna is in line. Picture time: SNAP! ANDDD she looks like crap in her pic cuz she walked a marathon all flipping morning!

Oh well, you just get turned around and there you are.

Tomorrow I have 2 classes, and textbooks to buy. I hope that's less of an adventure!

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