Thursday, September 16, 2010

Six days already?

Holy cow time flies when you are busy.

This past weekend my wonderful mother came to the rescue from London and helped me get into storage (eventually) and finish my room: TAHDAHHH!!!

My Austin-substitute:

It's alll goooood!
Mom and I did a pretty good job eh? Considering this was the night before:

.... yeah...

So other than that everyhting is going great. Last night I went out to dinner with Shawn, Tammy, Katherine, Aunt Mary, Uncle Kevin, and baby Kevin and Nico. It was a very yummy dinner and I had a lot of fun.

My classes are all going well and I am managing to stay on top of the material (for now). I got 10/10 on my microscope practical test, which surprised me since I haven't used a microscope since high school; and even then they weren't nearly as high-tech as the ones the university uses.

The weather here has been really depressing. Either rainy or cloudy every day and it hasn't gone above 16 since I've moved here. Eww! Fallll!!

This weekend is my first responder training. I am at school from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM getting my CPR and first aid training (again) for the "team". Then next Saturday I have 12 hours of more training, but apparently this stuff is harder scenarios. Hopefully I will finally make some friends (thats aren't guys!!!) I am surrounded by too much testosterone!

That's all the news for now! Thanks for reading and I will let you know what's up this weekend.

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  1. I have no idea who this person is but it definately is not Bri's mom!

    still luv ya honey<3