Friday, September 10, 2010



Today I had physics at 9:30 this morning. Unfortunately my physics credits from Guelph did not transfer over, so I have to redo the course. In class today I had my hand up for every question the prof asked, rhetorical or not, because this stuff is baby food! One-dimensional motion PFFT!!! I got home this morning and watched the new episode of Jersey Shore online, and now I am trying to learn some organic chem. Well, review the basics from last year. I want to get as much work done as I can because my mom is coming over this weekend (WOOHOO!) and I don't want school on my mind. I ended up switching my calc class for intro to anthropology because the calc I had registered for was a distance ed class! So I found the same calc course, thats no distance ed, for next semester and I will do it then.

Tonight I am going to the movies with some of Austin's friends. Let's see how this whole "being social and not a hermit" thing goes...


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