Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So I have some good news. Austin and I found a cute apartment to live in together in Sudbury :) He is moving in on Dec. 1 and I am moving in at the end of December when all of my exams are done. It is an adorable place in a small apartment building. The outside of the building is kinda off-putting, but inside our apartment is is all original refinished hardwood floor from the 1930's. The kitchen cupboards are all from the 1940's and the door frames are like the old ones in Dory's house. LOOOVE IT :D

Deer season was a fail! Mom and I didn't see a thing :( Then the day after we left Tyler got a buck out of our stand. WTF!! >:| Grr. I was probably too noisy with my snoring, coughing and shuffling. Mom should be a sniper in the military tho. She didn't move a flipping muscle!

She also got a partridge. Here is the vid. (Don't watch if you don't like dead animals, or loud bangs)

Andddd I just want to announce, I GOT 100% ON MY STATISTICS MIDTERM YEEEEHOOOO!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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