Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anddd stress level is dropping :)

So I had a great reading week! I had an awesome visit with dad and Marie and her family. I had a blast doing the photoshoot dad got for me (pics r on my facebook). Halloween with the girls was fun, but Jeff, and I got into a huge argument (because he was being a jealous knob at the club). Here are out costumes:
The bee and ladybug:
The Poison Ivy and...er...lumberjack... :/ :
I ordered that poison ivy costume online, but when it arrived it was too small :( so I will fit into it next year!!!

My midterms all went well. I got 84% on stats, 74% on anthropology, and 86% on chem. I am not sure what my mark for anatomy is yet, but on today's lab quiz i got 90% (cuz im a genius like that...). It was on all the bones of the head, spine, and rib cage. We had to know the names of all the corners, nooks, and crannies of those suckers and it was nitty gritty, but I KILLED ITTTT :D

Tomorrow I am going out to a movie with Austin's cousins. We are going to see Life as We Know It. This is the trailer, it looks cute!

Love you all! Goodnight. HUGS.

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