Saturday, November 6, 2010

A rather ordinary day.

Today has been pretty plane. I was supposed to have the girls over last night, but Lynn couldn't make it because she had a "stomach flu". Alyssa and I actually think it was an excuse to hide the fact that Jeff didn't want her to come out with us... sooo annoying!

So last night we went out and had a good time. We got it at about 1:00 am and make some KD and went to bed :D

Then Alyssa went home after lunch today and here I am trying to do homework. Bleh.

Her and Kiem are unofficially dating, but I'm proud of my matchmaker product :D

My gross housemates from Hamilton are actually evicted. They are leaving at the end of the month... one of them just told me yesterday after i got in a fight with him about my missing beer. YAYY!! they are leaving!!

I had a lot of fun with Michelle and Erin. While Erin was doing her training me and Mich went out and gawt out nailsss did. I just got a manicure with bright pink nail polish, and she got UV gel acrylics. Goooorrrgeous!

Tomorrow is Nico's birthday party and Aunt Mary & Uncle Kevin's. I am excited to see the fam.

That's all the excitement i have.... HUGS!

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