Wednesday, November 10, 2010

..and exhale.

Wednesday already! The past 2 days have been fo busy for me they just FLEW by! I'm not complaining though! That means Aus comes home quicker, well, it feels quicker. Yesterday I finished my physics lab assignment, finished a stats assignment, finished my chem lab, studied for and wrote my anatomy quiz (and got a 7/10) all within the 13 hours I was at school WHOO! I'm glad all of that is behind me. Now I can coast on through until Aus comes home Saturday :D.

Yesterday one of my housemates threw a hissy fit via text because the morning before I had put all of their dirty dishes in the blue recycling box. He has thought it was the landlord, so he wrote her a nasty letter, and didnt send it, but when he found out it was me he was sooo upset! I had got up that morning at 7:00am and the kitchen was fuilthy and littered with their dishes. This cheezed me right off cuz I spent Sunday morning cleaning the house while their hungover a**es slept in until that afternoon! So I put all their dirty dishes, pots, pans, and grossness in the blue bin to set it aside because I wasnt about to wash their dishes for them! I wasn't implying that their dishes were garbage, the blue bin just happened to be empty, and a convenient container for the dishes (that actually FILLED this huge bin). So I wiped up all the oil over the stove, from them frying gosh knows what, put the onion flakeys in the garbage, and did a full ambush on the counter with my sidekick, Mr. Clean. Then I was able to make my breakfast, lunch , and dinner for that day. The LAST thing I need is a filthy kitchen to clean the morning of one of my 13-hour days. So yes, like I said, my housemate, Kiem, was very "disappointed in" me... well I told him that I am disappointed that I am the only one in this house that cares about leaving a kitchen clean for the next person to use it! The longer I live with these numbskulls the less tolerance I have for crap!

Other than THAT all is well. :)

I am excited to see my Momma, Alana, and Randy next week :D They are coming for deer season. I am going out Wednesday with mom to snipe me a Bambi. Well... hopefully. I will finally get to put all of this anatomy to use. hehehonhonhon.

Did I mention I have 2 midterms on the Monday after Austin gets back. Gosh! Timing is everything!

Hope you have had a good first half of your week. Love Y'all! HUGS

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    EXCITED 2 C U 2 <3