Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't drink beer when you live with guys.

So it's only 9:00 and I've had a pretty crappy morning so far.
First off I wake up and its FREEZING! The landlord got a new digital thermostat so he can set it to go down to like 15 degrees C over night. BRRRR!

Then I go to take a shower, and the guys that "fixed the boiler" yesterday messed up the hot water. So Brianna isn't taking a shower this morning....

THEN I go to clean the kitchen (which I didn't dirty) and I noticed a cap off of one of MY Bud Light Lime was on the counter!! :0 I looked in the fridge for it on MY shelf, where it was, and nope; its not there. But the empty bottle is in the pack of empties beside the fridge. I don't know who did it yet, because the guys sleep until like 11am, But I will. And when I do, THE PAIN TRAIN'S A COMIN!!!!

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