Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 104

Hi everyone! I wanna start today off by inspiring you all to take a moment to appreciate your dog(s) if you have one/some. Be thankful for how beautiful and wonderful they are and what an incredible creature a dog is. They love you unconditionally, and they are definitely man's best friend.

Having said that, yesterday was the dog hunt for all the "strays" and for 1 second I saw probably the most horrific thing I have ever seen. (don't worry Siren isn't involved). I was in the kitchen and I was fully aware that yesterday was the dog hunt, but when I heard a BANG I couldn't help but look out the window.

For 1 second I saw a bloody dog fall over and a man with a rifle grabbed it by the collar as it was still flailing, and he started to drag it, leaving a bloody skid on the gravel. The dog looked like Chubby so I immediately turned away and started bawling. Austin ran out of the bedroom and I told him, "Chubby got shot".

We were confused and worried because we had both been told that day the hunt was over at 1 pm, this occurred at 7pm. We had let Siren off her leash after we were done work at 4, so in a panic we jumped in the ambulance and drove around town looking for her. We managed to see Chubby, so thank God he was actually okay, but no Siren. So we went back home where I stayed as Austin went to find they guy with the rifle. After he left, Siren, so oblivious, came home, then Austin did too a few minutes later. He had found the man in the blue truck, and he said he hadn't seen a dog with a red reflective collar.

I think it's horrible that he was shooting them even if they had a collar on. Obviously someone cares enough about this animal to put a collar on it. But if you are desperate enough for money $50 per tail, collar or no collar, is money.

I'm not very religious, but last night I said a little prayer for those dogs that were killed for existing, especially the one that left the bloody puddle outside my window.

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