Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 112 When life gives you lemons...

Good evening. Tonight 3 young girls came to us an hour ago with these 2 puppies. They said they literally took them away from their mom as she was drowning them. I can't believe how cruel people are to dogs here. They were trying to give them away so of course I took them in. Austin had no say whatsoever lol. They are 2 girls, and they are probably only 4 weeks old. They have tiny tiny teeth, and I don't think they can see 100% yet. I gave them some mashed up hot dog and they inhaled it. They must have been famished. Patti had mentioned earlier that she wanted Aus to bring her home a rez dog so one may be spoken for. I sent her a message on facebook to let her know we have puppies! Don't they melt your heart!

Siren will be sharing her cage for the plane ride. She is good with them so far. I will take more pics tomorrow because they are TOO CUTE!

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