Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 105


So I'm sure many of you have heard the [horror] story about Lynn's American boyfriend and how poorly he treats her. Well today is the day he arrives in Canada. Ugh. My plan obviously didn't work. Let's hope for his sake things get better, and that his obsessive controlling behavior is cured before I live with them.

I got called into work yesterday and I was asked to work this evening. Five days in a row, and I'm guessing Sunday I will get called in to make it six. I'm starting to get frustrated with the lack of responsibility these people have.

We called the Band Office yesterday to see how long Siren should be tied up for, because of the dog extermination, and they said probably for the next week. They aren't sure when it will be over (stupid, because they are the ones in charge of it). Someone told Austin they got 20 dogs on the first day. That breaks my heart. Scruffus started living with one of the new nurses when we left for our trip and they say they haven't seen her since the dog hunt started. That makes me sad because she was so sweet and she did well for being the significantly smaller dog in town.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! HUGS

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