Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 111

It's hard to believe I am leaving in a couple days! Monday we are flying to Timmins, then we will continue on to Sudbury by car with Siren. Tuesday we will probably start moving my stuff (junk) into the new apartment depending on how Shawn's surgery goes. I'm excited to see Austin's family again, the circumstances suck though. Shawn's a tough cookie! I have no doubt he can beat this.

I've started to pack my stuff up. I put my cricut back in her box today :( but I stocked up on cards before she was packed. I also have allll of my craft stuff packed with her. I've got about 3/4 of a hockey bag full, plus a suitcase of clothes, and I'm not quite done yet. You think that's a lot? Well compared to the 500 lbs of stuff I brought this is (as Freddie would say) baby food!

Speaking of Fred, I advised him to train for the move-in day because we have 3 flights of stairs to carry stuff up and no elevator. He said he "ain't afraid". Well I am.

This past week we have been walking a lot because the weather has been so gorgeous. Here are some pics:

Last night we made mini quiches, squares, and lemon meringue pie for a dinner party we are going to tonight. I made the pie (no pic) and Austin crafted the yummy squares and mini quiches

The squares have choc chips, coconut, gram cracker crumbs, marshmallows and Eagle brand milk. Sooo de-lish!

And here are some pics of us being lazy.


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