Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 89

I'm sorry that I've been home for almost a week and haven't posted anything. I'm still getting back into my routine here and I've been a bit lazy too.
I got called in for a night shift last night and I haven't slept much since I've got home, so I'm a little tired.
I've also been busy playing with my new craft stuff. I got a couple new paper stacks, stamps, ribbon, and 3 new cartriges: every day paper dolls, give a hoot, and wall decor. I love them all so much! Austin was also generous enough to get me a photo printer so I can add pictures to my blank scrapbook pages. I've filled my scrapbook since I've returned.
I got my package from Laurentian so I am about to pick my courses for September. I can't wait to get to Sudbury. Hopefully all will be well in the apartment. I'm hesitant to live in the same place as Lynn's boyfriend because I do not like him at all and I will not be held accountable for any of my actions towards him...
ANYWHO I will let you know how my courses come out and what my schedule is like! Love ya!

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  1. Well you better be sorry! How is your father suppose to keep track of his girl if she doesn't keep him up to date.
    Uncle Jare and I went to see Alana at her Sari camp and was so proud of her demonstrating her equestrian abilities.