Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 1

Hi everyone!! So I made this blog for you guys so you can come check out what Aus n I are up to each day. This way I don't have to send pics and videos individually, and each post will stay here. That way you don't have to worry about saving any pictures, or accidentally deleting anything!

Today was pretty relaxed, but the preparation to get my butt here was crazy. I owe a million thanks to so many people!

Thanks to my mom for helping me start packing over a week ago and keepin' at it until the end! The cookies are rly good too mom.

Thanks to Randy for dealing with the nutso U-haul lady, packing the truck, fetching boxes, and driving all the way to Parry Sound.

Thanks to my dad for busting an intense sweat hauling all of my s*** into the U-haul, and thanks for your combined efforts with mom for saving me from a major meltdown.

Thanks to Tammy and Shawn for leaving at 7:00 am , getting $25 worth of jujubes, meeting us in Parry Sound, getting and loading the up-sized storage unit, getting gas for the U-haul, squeezing me in the Windstar with all my s***, driving to Timmins, avoiding a lynx, giving me some much needed lip balm(!!!!), breakfast the next morning, spotting us $XXX to ship my s***, and taking care of the dogs.

Thanks to Pops for helping us unload the insanely-packed U-haul and taking Boh to the island. Everyone's help was phenomenal and I couldn't have done it with out you guys!!

Today I got 300 lbs of my stuff in the plane! All I am waiting for now is 110 lbs. But I am very scared to say that I think the one box we couldn't fit in the Windstar, and we ended up leaving in storage... was my box of clothes. At least we don't have a coin laundromat. :S so we will see how this goes...

I will most likely write posts daily, as that will be the highlight of my days lol.
Thanks again and I we miss you guys!

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  1. Miss you guys like crazy!!!! Love this blog, great idea, but gotta tell you it made me ball like a baby!! Keep the pics and videos coming!! LOVE YOU!!!