Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 3

Today I ventured out of my comfort zone (the appartment) to head a whole 100 meters down the street to the post office to send out Gran's card. Here are some pics of the town I took on the way back for you guys.

This is the front side of the base:

And this is the side entrance on the bottom, and the two apartment entrances on the top. We live in the left unit and Tyler is on the right.

I found it interesting that this "welcome" sign was posted on the door of the convenience store/post office:

So I continued in and it looked like the West Bay General Store on the inside. There was no one at the counter, so I walked into the post office part. I handed my card to the lady and she looked at it and told me to put it in the mail box outside the door. I felt like a stupid white girl lol. Then I got outta there asap and walked back home.

We went to 'The Restaurant' today for lunch. Austin and I shared the club platter and it was sooo good!!! The poutine was great. A little gooey for my liking, but the grave was de-lish! There were only 2 tables in there that could each sit 4 people. For the one thing we got it was $15. Not too bad considering the cost of food up here. And I can see a restaurant down south charging something near that.

I got another call from Thunder Air and hopefully the rest of my stuff came in today! I will let you know later if I am missing anything, especially my clothes. Bye for now.

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