Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 2

Today was pretty lame...
I got up at 7:45 and Austin was at work for 8:00. I edited my resume and cover letter then tried knocking on the door of the base for Austin to let me in... 3 tries later he finally realized that I wasn't there and he called. My bad... he was doing his checks on the trucks and I was knocking on the wrong door (the only door I knew of.. pfft) So I printed off my resume and we ventured off to the hospital to get me a job! Well it didn't go like that exactly. We got there and one of the nurses thought I was the doctor that was coming in that day. I was flattered but I think if she knew I wasn't a doctor she wouldn't have shook my hand or said hi. I may be glorifying this moment, but I think thats a sign from God that I look like I should be a doctor!! Then I met the director of the hospital whe immediately tooke the resume out of my hand and asked me right off the bat, "Have you ever worked in long-term care?"
"No, I haven't."
"Oh...first year...okay." She mumbled as she flipped thru my resume for a whole 3 seconds, "Well I won't be able to see you until next week."
"That's alright."
"Next Monday at 2:00."
"Great! Alright." And she dove back into her office. I can't wait until I'm a doctor and I get to make people feel akward and uncomfortable when they are voluntarily giving their time to work in the middle-of-frekin'-nowhere! I mean I would have thought she might be a little more enthusiastic about free labour!!! Oh, well...some people. We will have to see how Monday goes. I can already tell this lady is like Dr. McRae 20 years in the future: grey hair, crusty, to the point, and lovin' the sweater vest. (I still love Dr. McRae tho!!!)

Tonight I think we are having pasta with a bacon mushroom sauce, Austin's creation. It should be good tho. He is a super good cook!
We don't have much food. Two apples, some eggs, some ham, bread, and frozen broccoli and cauliflower. But we put in a grocery order that should last us for about 2 weeks and it came to $380!!! Life here is not cheap!! It is definately a good place to be if you have 20 lbs to lose tho! So this is lookin' promising!

I didn't get anything on the plane today :S I am DYING for my bathroom bag!! I am sick of using Austin's toothbrush and deodorant, and 2 cups to put my contacts in!

But anything good is worth waiting for. I finally fully understand the meaning of this saying!

There is this little rez dog that I'v seen around town. I named her Scruffus when I first saw her when I arrived. She is a 30-lb brown dog with short hair and she just had pupps. you can tell she's breast feeding... She was outside out door this afternoon and it just broke my heart because she just loved my attention and I wanted to feed her so badly! I'm sure she could use some food for her pupps, but I'm not allowed to get attached to any dogs or feed them because they are just going to end up getting shot or ran over. Sad.

That is all for today, possibly. I'm sorry that this post is like 5 years long. I might put something up later cuz austin is going to Tyler's (his co-worker next door) to watch the hockey game, and I will be here... by myself... love you guys!!!!!!


  1. I'm glad you guys are settling in nicely!!! Keep the posts and pics coming, I enjoy sitting down and reading and flipping thru the pics!! Love you guys!! xo Beverley, Phil and Gracie Jane..

  2. Thanks bev! I'm glad you like it!! Miss you guys too! I can't wait to see everyone at the wedding!