Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 5

Sorry I didn't do a post for yesterday. I wasn't feeling very well, and Austin left me with a very messy apartment to clean. He thinks its funny when he tracks mud allover the kitchen right before he has to go to work, so he doesn't have to clean it up. And its no better that we don't have a broom here... so needless to say I have to get creative.

Yesterday I had somewhat of a nasty headache. I was making mother's day cards all afternoon and I have this one tool I use to punch out letters from paper and it it makes a loud bang when you use it. I think that's what gave me the headache.

So today it the starting day of the weight loss contest! We don't know where we have to go or at what time (because Austin always forgets to ask...) but hopefully he will remember to ask his partner today.

Austin had an interesting call yesterday. I don't think I'm allowed to say anything (he got beat up with a cordless phone) but nothing outrageous happened...

This morning I got up and cleaned up the kitchen from last night's dinner, yea we were lazy, and I decided to make Aus his favorite cappuccino and take it to him at work. So I whipped it up and went downstairs and knocked on the door. As usual, no answer. So I stood there for a little longer, kicked the door, because they might hear that better, still no answer. I could hear the tv on, which really made me frustrated so I knocked on the window, and still: no answer. So here I am with is cappuccino beside me getting colder and colder. I'm not sure if I should save it... or drink it. hmm...

Dinner last night was soooo good. Austin perfected the pasta-with-mushroom-sauce-and-bacon recipe and omfg it was dee-lish! He is such a good cook! Maybe that's why I followed tim to the rough part of Santa's village.

Last night we went over to Tyler's place to watch the hockey game. I didn't do much watching as I was on the phone with mom for a lot of it, then when I actually got to Tyler's I was stuffing my face with the amazing piece of cherry cheesecake he gave me :D

OMFG I can hear Austin's voice downstairs! I bet he had a call. Grrr. Well I'm going to go deliver his cold cappuccino now. I will make another post today. Bye everyone. love and miss you all!!!

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