Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 5 Continued

Today was a good day. I mailed out some cards I made, I registered for the weight loss contest, and I actually made myself run.

This morning I popped into the sketchy post office to buy some more stamps. That is the down side of having paper crafting as a hobby is I am constantly buying stamps. I decided that I should get a hole roll to avoid going into the post office for a while. But a roll costs a whopping $57!!! So I opted for the 10 pack, but silly me, I thought they would have debid in a post office, but not up here in santa's ghetto village! So, I got 3 with the only $5 I had on me... that will last me like 2 days. And the lady that work at the post office has already seen enough of me. She wasn;t too happy when I made her void the roll, then void the 10-pack, then deny me the usage of my debit card. Some people...

Austin had a busy shift today. Three patients in 2 calls I think. I'm glad tho that he actually worked instead of getting paid to watch the fishing network for 8 hours.

When Austin got home from work (30 mins later than I had expected) he scooped me up and we went over to the health center to register for the weight loss contest. I weighed in at an inital 155 lbs. And yes I am actually revealing my weight, but only because it is going to change, and I am going to actually be proud of it... in 10 weeks. Austin was 205, but don't tell him I told you so. I wasn't surprised with 155 because it has been hovering around there since October. But it is going to change this time!

I made Gran's baked beans for dinner. They were so flipping good. I had them ready for when Austin was supposed to be home from work, but since he was late I went ahead and ate my share and he had to eat his microwaved. I feel kinda bad cuz they aren't as good reheated.

So now that I have told you my weight, I think it is necessary to tell you what I am doing to change it lol. I am going to try my absolute BEST to cut out all processed foods and candy, now that mom's candy and Tammy's chocolate-covered jujubes are all eaten up. I also have a running plan I am going to stick with (that I found in a magazine). It is supposed to train me to run a half marathon (13.5 miles) in 8 weeks. I figure that if I follow this plan I will overcome my fear of running and lose enough weight to win the contest! And I hope you all are rooting for me, because this is so not going to be fun. The only thing that really bothers me when I run is my throat gets so insanely sore. And it stays sore for 20 minutes after I'm done running. Drinking water doesn't help either, so I am hoping that it will go away with more running.

Austin just got back from a 3-hour fishing expedition, and caught nothing. He blames it on the tackle. He says it was sitting in the tackle box too long and it smells to plasticy. He just won't admit that he has NO skills. And now he can't say that I'm the problem cuz I wasn't there, needing his help every other cast.

And that just about sums up another day here in the great north. Oh, Tammy tell Ging we got her card and it was very cute :D and give her a hug for me.

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