Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 6

I can't believe its'b almost been a week since I've been here. How time flies...

So today wasn't special. The only notable thing really was that I made contact with the inhabitants of this village. As I was walking back from the post office Our [inebriated] neighbors from across the street shouted "Hey!" at me. I was nervous to say hi back, but I did so just to be polite. The one I don't think could speak english... or maybe he was too drunk to speak it clearly, but the other one out of the 3 asked me what my name was, so I told him, and he told me his name was Alex. They asked me, "Are you a ambulance?" and I informed him that I was not a paramedic, but my boyfriend is and I'm just here until August. Then he asked how long I am here for... "4 months"
Then I fibbed and said I had to go inside [because the conversation was getting awkward].
So here I am.

After I went to the trouble of buying those 3 stamps the other day I find myself yet again without any, as I spent most of my day making more cards. I know you all must find it a really weird hobby, as do I, but it makes me happy to look at something pretty and think 'yep, I designed and made that'. I should start a business with these or something, but I'm sure if I made it into work that the novelty would soon wear off. But today was definitely a creative day. The paper was flying, the cricut machine was humming, and the glitter was spilling allover the floor (I had to throw that in to make my mom cringe). From 9 am to 3 pm I managed to produce 5 cards, all of which will hopefully bring a little joy to 5 people :D once I get more stamps...

Austin is out fishing again, this time he's gone with a friend. I would tell you his name, but he 'forgot' to introduce us... I'm glad he's not alone. I worry about him slipping and hitting his head on a rock then drowning in the mud, or getting eaten by rez dogs, and weird stuff like that. He tried making his own version or cinnamon raisin bread today: take a regular bread recipe and add an unmeasured amount of cinnamon and raisins... we will see how it turns out. He didn't have any calls today, which surprises me because it is only 2 days after welfare day, but I wouldn't be surprised if they drank this town dry already. (I'm sorry for stereotyping, but it keeps me entertained.)

As I was dropping off my cards I poked my head around the store to scope out some prices. For a can of alfaghetti it is $3.50. For a pack of hot dogs it is I think $4.50. For 2 cherry blossoms for Aus n I to share when he gets back from fishing - $3.00, and to get not a single word out of the 2 cashiers behind the counter, priceless!

That's all for today, I hope everyone has a good weekend (even though I will be on here all weekend)!! Miss you all!

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