Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love my stuff!

So I got the rest of my stuff off the plane today!!!
No more sharing Austin's toothbrush.
No more cutting my nails with scissors.
No more using body wash to wash my delicate face.
And no more of Austin's deoderant!!
Everything made it safe and sound and nothing got broken, thank God!
We are making bread now in the bread maker Tammy let us borrow. I can't wait for it to be done!!
I just finished painting my nails and i think it is safe to say I am the only girl in Albany with hot pink nails!
Austin and I have decided to join in on the weight loss contest here. We go in for the first weigh-in on Thursday, then we get weighed every 2 weeks. Hopefully this can kick-start my summer weight loss! Stupid freshman 15!! If anyone wants to donate a yoga DVD, or some resistance bands I would love you forever :D Since I got the rest of my scrapbooking stuff in today I am going to celebrate by making a ton is stuff with my cricut tonight, because it makes me happy :D If anyone wants me to mail them a card just leave a comment with your mailing address and I will ship one out lol. I love to make cards just to say 'hi' and I think it's silly if I make one and have no one to send it too.
Austin and I are planning on going for a run tonight. I am awful at running. In gym class in public school when Mr. Lockeyer would make us run the Turkey Plant in Gore Bay I was always the last girl. I think it took me 15 mins and it took Kaitlyn Honess and Chase Chattwell like 5 mins. I still blame mom and her baking lol. Once I was done with gym class in school I vowed to never run again, then my body grew up and the metabolism started to slack off. So here I am, doing the one think I hate most: running and sweating, ew!


  1. Beverley Webb, Phil and Gracie Jane Racicot
    Box 439
    Gore Bay, ON
    P0P 1H0

    Austin and Bev Pickard
    501 Foxtower Rd.
    Gore Bay, ON
    P0P 1H0

    Mary and Kevin Webb
    5049 Reg. Rd. 55
    Whitefish, ON
    P0M 3E0

    Carol Pickard and Tammy and Shawn's Too..
    65 Hawk Rd.
    Gore Bay, ON
    P0P 1H0

    LoVe YoU gUyS!!!

  2. Well my little girls big adventure is going well by the sounds of it. TSC's big spring event starts tomorrow and we expect to be run off our feet. I'm sure Guelph TSC wishes Austin was there.
    Not to spoil the upbeat mood but this weekend is the 2nd anniversary of Uncle Lens passing. I hope next Sunday we can go to the cemetary and pay respects. Will have you with us in our heart when we go.

  3. thanks bev, that will keep me busy :D

    I'm sorry I can't be there Dad.
    Good luck with the moonlight insanity sale! I know your store is going to rock it! Hope your cold gets better and you can call me whenever you get too tired to deal with B.S. lol