Thursday, July 29, 2010

This week's agenda

Hi everyone

My vacation is going great! Yesterday I went to visit dory for dinner and she seems do be doing well. Ayriell is taller and is growing up so fast! She got second in Island track this year! She must is obviously not related to me that much because I would get last in everything at track and field. Too many of mom's cookies.

Today Austin, Freddi and I are going to Sudbury with Gran. I have a doctor's appointment at 10:45, then once Fred is off work at 3 we are heading over. Gran said she was there a couple of weeks ago with Joyce but she didn't get to go to the mall, so her and I are going to hit that up.

Tomorrow we are going to Little Current in the evening for Haweater. We don't really know where we are staying at night. We may end up camping on Nick's lawn, but I don't know how great that's gunna be. If we don't find a place to stay before we get there I may just DD so people have a way to get home.

That is the game plan thus far. Siren is doing well after her surgery. No puppies for her!!

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