Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 7

One week. Wow, now only 15 more to go lol.

We are having a very blah day here today. Even though it's national scrapbook day, I kid you not, I'm not doing any scrapbooking. I have 5 cards in my purse to mail out Monday and making those yesterday tired me out of it for the weekend.

We just got back from the Northern store, which looks like a Giant Tiger on the inside, but a lot more cramped and expensive. It is about the size of Stedman's in Gore Bay and they sell everything from flat screen tv's to boxes of jello, and everything in between. We bought a big roast pan for $35, instead of a slow cooker for $130. I feel bad that I forgot to grab the slow cooker from the cupboard in the microwave stand. That was one of the things Aus wanted me to make sure I had and in the insanity of the move I totally forgot.

TTy tmo !

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