Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 82

I must admit I have the best boyfriend ever. He never gets mad at me no matter how bad I fudge something up, or how much I whine about something! After babysitting today he got a call around 4:45, so I went for a nice walk around town, mailed a card for Gran, cashed in some crossoword scratch cards (only $15). When I got back I tried making our steak stir fry for dinner so it was ready when Austin got home from his call. I didn't make it very well and I couldn't find half the ingredients, thats why Austin always cooks. When he returned he was glad to see I had made an attempt and he fixed everything and made yummy squash soup. What an angel!

We had started our workout tonight and I had my water and papers ready to record everything. So we started stretching and doing out arm stretching where basically you flail your arms around and hug yourself. SMACK! there goes my 18 oz glass of water allll over our papers. I stood there with a depressed pouty face while Austin rolled his eyes at my clumsiness and hurried to clean it up. Need I say again: What an angel!

tomorrow is our final weigh in. I must admit I am disappointed that I haven't lost weight, but my body fat percentage has dropped a lot. I've missed out on my runs for the past couple of weeks because our workouts are so intense. Eventually I wanna do both each day.

Hope everyone had a good hump day!


  1. Hi there my princess. Sounds like you are kissing up to Austin for something. Glad to hear he treats you so good. It is comforting for a father to know his daughter is with a caring man and saves me from punching his lights out.
    Had a weird experience yesterday. You know that for the past 3 years I have needed reading glasses. Well late yesterday afternoon all of a sudden I can read without the glasses. I noticed it when I went to grab my glasses to read a customers receipt and realized I didn't need them. Can still read today without them, bizzare but at least a good thing.
    You are missing a huge heat wave down here.
    Looking forward to having you down for a couple of days.
    Love dad.

  2. I'm not kissing up, I just felt like getting mushy because I complain about him sometimes more than I compliment him. So I was just balancing stuff out lol.
    Love you