Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 85

I'm still alive! Camping was so much fun! There were about 24 women there and there were games and we told our most embarrassing stories around the camp fire. There was also an inspiring workshop on making vision boards: bristol boards with pictures of thing you strive to eventually have in your life, eg. a car, money, health. I haven't made mine yet but Jesse and I are going to get together with a few other girls tomorrow night to work on them a bit more.

We had a relay race and the people at the start of the line (me included) had to run down to the lake, put a couple of litres of water into the buckets and run back. I won that part, because I was the only one able to run back without dying, but we ended up losing :( All that sweat for nothing.
Storytelling in the tipi. Those things that look like snow are water drops from the rain outside.
Down to the lake
Beautiful sunset behind the canvas tents
Adorable heart-shaped cloud that passed by this morning.

I got to use the camping set that I got Austin for his birthday. It works great and I slept on the air mattress Tammy got us. Comfy comfy. There were also piggy-back races that my partner and I won at and I got a journal :) It was a very fun day and hopefully I will get to do it again before I leave Albany.

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  1. Sounds like you had fun honey.
    We were at Uncle Jarretts yesterday for a get together with cousin Travis. He is doing very well. Marie and Chirs had a good time, Leanne stayed at home with their dad. That camping looks quite enjoyable with beautiful scenary.
    Looking forward to spending a couple of days with my Princess. Love Dad