Monday, July 5, 2010

day 80


I'm sorry to say that I have cancelled dance classes here. I am tired of waisting my time for kids that don't want to participate or even show up. I'm also tired of being taken advantage of and used as a babysitter. Thus I have stopped the dance classes. Also, I always had a hard time finding the keys for the place because there are 5 or 6 people and 2 sets of keys...

The weekend wasn't very nice here. It was rainy and foggy and cold, and I worked at 8 am both Saturday and Sunday.

I've been very tired this past week. I've been getting about 6 to 7 hrs of sleep a night but I can't seem to feel rested enough. I'm always wanting to take a nap, but if I do I feel even worse afterwards! I'm eating well so I wonder if it's the new exercise program we are doing. It's an hour a day of weigh lifting or cardio, but I was already exercising before. Maybe I need a day to sleep in. Those are pretty rare since I babysit during the week, then usually work days on weekends.

Another thing I don't understand about the people here is they don't dress for the weather. By that I mean it is 32 degrees here with no clouds, and everyone has jeans and hoodies on! I was out tanning in my bikini and I almost died! How do they do it!?!?!?

I finally got a bit of a break today. Talia is sick so when Wendy went to work she was miserable all day. So I called Wendy and asked her to come put Talia down for a nap because she would cry even more if I picked her up, and Wendy took the rest of the day off. So with this wonderful sunny afternoon all to myself I slathered on the tanning lotion and soaked up some ultra violet radiation for 30 mins each side. One shower later I was on the couch in my bra and underwear (cuz its 32 degrees!!) watching Tosh.0 on my laptop. Tired ol' me fell alseep and was woken up to Austin BANGING on the door. I ran to throw some clothes on (because if austin has keys it must be someone unworthy of seeing me in my bra and underwear). I opened the door half asleep (therefore grouchy) and Austin came in frustrated and impatient. I went and got horizontal on the comfy couch when the first thing that came out of Austin's mouth made me wanna kick him in the teeth, "Why didn't you clean the kitchen?" Oh My GOD! I almost lost it. For once I got to have an afternoon to myself. For once I got to de stress. For once you aren't here to hog the remote and I'm supposed to clean the kitchen after YOU make a mess of it? "SORRY! I was enjoying the peace and quiet after taking of a crying, screaming, contagious baby for 5 hours!" Sooo a grouchy Austin grumbled around and cleaned the unmessy bedroom, cleaned the unmessy bathroom (which I completely cleaned 2 days ago!) as I corrected my awful mistake of not cleaning the kitchen. Since you could cut the tension with a knife, I took the opportunity to walk to Kenny's and mail a letter. While I was there I thought I would buy him a cherry blossom, and one for me too of course, a pack of excel mist gum (his fave) and 2 bingo scratch tickets (because he gets me crossword tickets for a suprise). I returned bearing (sp?) gifts and I apologised and asked him to stop being mad and all he just claimed he wasn't mad and that I was crazy, and he gave me heck for buying him junk food. I give up!

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