Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm baaaaaack

It is so nice to be welcomed by pavement, street lights, and fast food. Luckily and surprisingly I didn't get stuck beside some weird person on the bus. I got to sit alll by myself until we left Toronto and a young (not so cute) Asian guy say beside me. But I was alright with that because it was only 2 more hours until London.

Once I got to London my mom and Alana greeted me off the bus with a beautiful bouquet of daisies!! Sooo adorable! Then once we got home and got settled we went and did a little shopping, got photos done at Wal Mart of Alana and I, then we went and got our nails done.

Alana got a teddy bear on her toes
I got a classic french tip with sparkles :D
and mom got a pretty flower pattern
I took this pic on the plane. Arent the clouds so cool!?! I wanna just dive into them and hope they are squishy like cotton balls!
So after we went to the salon we came home and did some weird toe tricks...
And got a little messy with some choco-scented face masks (Thanks for those Tammy! Loved 'em!)

Then the next morning we slept in and mom sipped coffee from her new mug I found for her in Timmins. It says "" I thought it suited her lol.
After mom was done her coffee she made us home made waffles! My favorite on a Sunday morning! I pigged out and ate 3, which I have never done before! After that yumminess alana and I hit the sun and got in a little reading.
I've got Deception Point by Dan Brown and of course Alana is reading her Twilight magazine! Her fave.

Today I am meeting up with dad at the mall, then I am spending time with him and Marie! Woohoo. We are going to Vaughn Mills (to empty my savings) and Sporting Life (to empty my savings even more) then we have planned to go to Fort York because Dad has been DYING to go there for years!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying life as much as I am! Love you!! HUGS

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