Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 90

One more day until I hop on the plane headed back to real life. I must say that I'm nervous about the stop in Timmins because our plane arrives at aroind 1:30, but my Greyhound bus to London doesn't leave until 8:00 pm. I might take a taxi to the mall there, or go to Chapters or something... Once the bus leaves at 8, it doesn't arrive in London until 10:40 the next morning, and I think I have to transfer busses too. Oh goodness. I need a private jet!

I'm going to miss Austin too. I am used to travelling with him but this time I'm flyin' solo. I'm super excited to see my family tho.

Tuesday I was supposet ot teach the first womens' dance class. So I had prepared for 2 hours that day, working out the lesson plan and choreography, only to show up and Jesse had forgotten and not got the keys to the gym. I'm getting the feeling that people here don't like dancing!

Hope everyone has a good weekendand I will let you all know when I arrive at Mom's on Saturday. I'm sure I will have an interesting story about the person I end up sitting with on the bus. I always do.

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