Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well so much for that idea....

So i just got back from the farmers market. As i was walking there in the rain I noticed the ambulance was in the parking lot. Hm... funny "I guess Wendy took the truck because her car is broken down." i assumed. So I get there and yep there's Wendy and Nicole so I go up and ask them if they took the truck [because Austin would have let me know he was going, and given me a ride]. But then there was Tyler standing closer to the front of the checkout line shouting "the paramedic is over HERE" Embarrassed and disappointed I made my way over only to smack Austin's arm and ask him why he didn't get me. "I thought you woulda already been here..." he was quick to conjure up. Yea I woulda already been there... if i didn't have to walk in the rain! Since there was nothing left by the time I had arrived I only ended up getting nothing I wanted to buy, an absolutely drenched outfit, and a nasty soaker in my shoe AND I walked myself back home.... the couch will be occupied tonight.


  1. Dad wants to know where the package pictures are and remind you that you are missed very much. If it makes you feel any better, we have been getting lots of rain down here too.
    Love dad