Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 47

Today was the first day I've gotten to sleep in for 2 weeks! and boy did I ever sleep in. I went to bed at 1 am and got up at 12 hahaha. Then I watched the entire Star Wars trilogy. When Austin got home from work we went to the airport to pick up our food order. Unfortunately he ordered 2 large boxes of pizza pockets and those are my weakness. So while he was on the phone with his mom I ate 3 :( he made pork chops on the little grill I got him [from Avon] and I ate a salad, feeling guilty. Then we ate the 2 pieces of pie he got from his meeting. Feeling incredibly guilty I tried to run but I had zero energy and didn't even make it to a full kilometer before I threw in the towel. Man do I ever feel like crap. I swear I am going to give away those pizza pockets. He managed to order those, but he forgot to order my frozen fruit for my breakfast smoothies. Ughhhhh.

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