Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 57


I've been soo busy lately! I worked all weekend and a full time worker quit on the weekend so I will probably get called in a lot this week. Ugh. I'm babysitting Wendy's niece for the next week as well as Talia. Her mom can't find a daycare for her in Timmins so I am watching her here.

Yesterday I had an interesting experience at the Northern store. I had gone go get groceries and I needed some mouthwash. It's kept behind the counter so people don't steal it, so I asked the cashier for the big bottle and she grabbed it and asks, "Are you going to drink it?" Yea! Then I'm going to chase it with hairspray! OMG NO! I am going to fight gingivitis and bad breath! God! And I would rather have a pina colada anyways! Good God!

I had also bought a new blender, since Austin broke ours when he was blending gravy. This one was $70 and on sale for $53 so I thought that was a score! But when I got to the cash and my total bill was $160 (I had also gotten some groveries and a beaters to prevent another broken blender) my gut was telling me something was off...but I ignored it. I was charged full price, of course. So I haveto find time to walk back and fix it. Ugh.

Yesterday was Aboriginal day and there was a parade here, a barbeque and there was a drumming group here. I missed out on the drumming group but I recorded the parade and I will post it later.

Today is my weigh in :s I weighed myself at the hospital and I was 154 so I don't know what's going on! I'm working out more than ever, and hour a day, and the scale won't budge! Hopefully it's because I'm gaining muscle mass but I still have a good mass of fat to lose! SoI'm going to get my measurements done and my body fat percentage taken. In Guelph I was 30% body fat and my goal is 20%. Wish me luck! Obviously I need it.

Have a good week everyone! HUGS

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