Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 41

Hi everyone.

I'm at Wendy's rite now, Talia is sleeping. Yesterday I had made arrangements with Jennifer, my co-worker, to switch shifts because I was scheduled to work days and she was going to work the evening. So she had agreed to switch shifts with me so I could babysit then come to work. But at 11 pm she called me last night and said she couldn't do it anymore, so I begged Hazel and thank God she agreed to take it. Then this afternoon June, one of the nurses, called me asking if I could work for another lady today so I have to work afterall. I am also working tomorrow morning from 8 am to 4 pm. I have some cute pics of Talia and the puppy I want to share.

This morning Agatha, Wendy's mom, answered a knock at the door then turned around with a Canada goose in her hand! I was so suprised! I guess someone had gone out hunting this morning and they dropped off their kill. So now the goose is out in the mud room waiting to be plucked... interesting.

I had better go now because I am waiting for Wendy to come home so I can go to work. Bye my wonderful family!!

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