Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 48


I had a kind of lazy\busy day. I started off rolling out of bed at 10:30 and watching The Ugly Truth. Then I was on the computer for a bit and I started getting ansie because I needed to go for a run, and run I did. I did 4 km of running/walking intervals and one lap of cool down. My calves are really starting to burn on my runs so I try to use my quads more but I feel like I look stupid. When I go down south for the wedding I am FINALLY going to get some new runners. I really like these Under Armour ones, but there is too much white and I am worried that the dirt roads are going to ruin their whiteness in little time. I'm also going to get a pedometer and heart rate watch so I really know how far I am going, because right now I am eyeballing it.

After I showered I went to the Youth Centre to post the dance schedule. I'm teaching Monday's after babysitting. I start off with the Tinies at 6, then the Tweens at 7, then the Hip Hoppers at 7:30 until 9:30. It's going to be tough but I the girls were so excited at registration. I'm glad I can give them something to look forward to each week. At the end of class I'm going to record their dance and make a DVD for them when we are all done for them to take home. Hopefully it's something they can hold on to and look back on. On my way back from the Youth centre some of the nine year old girls found me and asked if they could come over. I said not tonight, but I invited them for a movie tomorrow night at 7:00. I want them to feel comfortable with me and know that they are welcome at my place if there is trouble at home. All of the kids here seem desperate for attention. They all say hi and ask you what your name is if they meed you on the street.

Since the girls are coming over I went to Kenny's and got a bag of Smart Food, BBQ chips, and diet Pepsi for them for the movie. I was shocked when it came to $19. I don't think this date will be a weekly thing.

Austin and I went to the restaurant for dinner tonight. I got a club with poutine and yes dad, I ate my salad for lunch so I was allowed the extra carbs. I EVEN asked for no mayo. It was nice because there were some of the locals there that we have met while we've been here. Everyone we have met is so friendly and nice!

Tonight Dillon is coming over to work out with Austin, and I am going to do my workout DVD while they are doing their thing. I also have to start choreographing the dances for Monday. Hopefully I don't work any doubles this weekend because I need the time to choreograph. Hope everyone had a great Friday! Enjoy the weekend!! HUGS

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