Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 38

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!

I went into work today to book the time off for Matt & Mandy's wedding. My boss asked me why I needed the time off and she asked me why I was so hard to get a hold of lately. I explained to her that we have a cordless phone and when the power goes out so does my the ability to call me (duh!). So she understood.

Talia was good today. She slept a lot. When she woke up from her afternoon she was all sweaty, poor girl. So I gave her a bath just in time for when her mom came home.

At 5:30 there is a farmer's marked at the school I do believe, so I am going to go buy things with MY money woohoo! Wendy's (the lady I babysit for) sister popped in today so visit Talia and she was telling me about the market and they actually had flown in the stuff, so I'm expecting it to be the usual ridiculous price for everything.

I'm not scheduled to be back at the hospital until Friday but I'm scheduled for the day shift, so I am looking for someone to cover for me. I asked Hazel if she wanted to switch her 3 night shifts for my 3 day shifts and she said "I dunno" in a "not so much" kind of way. So I asked Jennifer and she was quick to say "I dunno, I have to look at the new schedule!" (well the new schedule started on Sunday and you haven't looked at it yet!?!? No wonder so many people don't show up for their shifts. I guess ignorance is bliss).

I am still sick with this stupid cold! I'm coughing up lovely shades of green in the morning and I am getting headaches from the coughing. UGHHHH.

Miss you all times INFINITY!!! hugs!!

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